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Festivals are good ways to upgrade the produce of your animals, make friends and boost the affection of whatever girl likes you the most. The default time for festivals is 10 in the morning at the Square. So unless I state otherwise they all take place at that place and time.

Spring Festivals  Summer Festivals  Fall Festivals  Winter Festivals

Spring Festivals

Festival: Date: Type: Explanation:
New Year's Day: Spring 1 Either friendship or romantic. The festival starts at 6 in the evening and takes place at either the Inn with the adults or the Square with the the girls and your rivals. If Karen is good friends with you (blue heart or higher) she will show up at your farm at around noon and you can practice dancing with her.
Goddess Festival: Spring 8 Romantic This festival is a complete waste of time the first year, since none of the girls will like you enough to say yes when you ask them. Anyways, you should have the girl up to at least blue if you're going to ask her on the day prior to the festival. If the girl of choice does agree to go with you she'll arrive at your farm at 6 the next morning.
Thanksgiving: Spring 14 Romantic This festival is pretty much a non-festival. Basically because all the shops are still open and the only point of this day is to give cookies to the ladies. Giving cookies to the girls on Thanksgiving is impossible in the first year as you won't have a kitchen unless you cheat. And don't ask me for Gameshark codes as I don't cheat. Try to remember which girls gave you chocolate on Winter Thanksgiving, if you're like me thats all of them :P, this will boost their affection towards you even more when you give them the cookies.
Horse Races: Spring 18 Animal You won't be able to participate in the race itself for the first year as your horse will be too small to ride. So you can bet on the horses, the horses with the lower number rating (not their numerical order) are more likely to win. When your horse is big enough I suggest you run with him and brush him every day so he loves you and he gets exercise.
Cooking Festival: Spring 22 Friendship This festival is the first festival to boost your popularity among the villagers. They will be impressed if you win, although it's impossible in the first year unless you cheat. Again, don't ask me for Gameshark codes as I don't cheat. I suggest using apple pie, pizza or one of the various juices if you wanna win.

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Summer Festivals

Festival: Date: Type: Explanation:
Opening Day: Summer 1 Friendship This festival will not only net you a Power Berry if you win but it will also boost your popularity among the villagers and the girls. Basically you're swimming to a point that everybody's least favorite wuss is at. The wuss in question is that wimp Rick. Anyways the best way to win is to quickly alternate between the swimming and breathing button. Kai will be in the lead but if you keep your rhythm you should be able to pass him when he rests.
Chicken Festival: Summer 7 Animal This festival is a sumo contest between chickens. There are no real strategies for winning, except: don't urge your chicken forward if it's near the edge unless the enemy chicken is right in front of your chicken. Once your chicken wins it will start to produce Golden eggs when it's heart level is 10.
Tomato Festival: Summer 12 Friendship There are groups of villagers that will compete for the top slot in the Tomato festival. I would suggest you join Stu's team as it'll boost your affection with Stu, Elli and May, although you drop May off the team she'll be happy for Stu and in turn happy you helped them win, and they are the ultimate team. Stu is some kind of tomato chucking god. Anyways, whatever group you go with they will like you more even if you lose.
Cow Festival: Summer 20 Animal This is a beauty contest for cows. If you raise a happy, healty cow you could win this competition and the cow will start producing Gold milk. In your first year you probably won't be able to afford a cow by this point so make sure you have one for the next year.
Fireworks: Summer 24 Romantic or Friendship Head to the beach at 6 in the evening to watch the fireworks with your girl of choice. If you talk to Kai the day before you can watch them with him to boost your friendship with him.

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Fall Festivals

Festival: Date: Type: Explanation:
Music Festival: Fall 3 Friendship The day before the Music festival Pastor Carter will come to your farm and ask you to play the Ocarina, do so and the villagers will like you more. The festival is at the church at 6 in the evening.
Harvest Festival: Fall 9 Friendship This festival is incredibly stupid, all you have to do is bring a type of food for the Hotpot and, if it's not something weird like chocolate or your dog, the village will like you more. Yes you can put your dog in the pot, don't worry he survives. He'll be in the Square the next day and I think his heart rating my drop a bit because you tried to boil him alive.
Moon Viewing Night: Fall 13 Romantic The girl that likes you the most will meet you on top of Mother's Hill at 10 in the evening.
Sheep Festival: Fall 21 Animal This is the same as the Cow festival, except with sheep. Since sheep are cheaper then cows you may be able to win this festival in the first year, although the odds are against you.

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Winter Festivals

Festival: Date: Type: Explanation:
Dog Race: Winter 10 Animal This is basically a festival thats there for fun. When Won sells you a ball when your dog is fully grown you must play fetch with your dog at least 5-10 times a day. This will make your dog a little genius and he'll know your scent so he'll be good at this festival. As long as you don't run so far ahead of your dog he loses track of you, you should be able to win.
Thanksgiving: Winter 14 Romantic This time around the girls give chocolate to the guys. Keep track of what the girls give you, if they give you chocolate give them cookies on Spring thanksgiving. If they give you chocolate cake give them chocolate cookies. The girls will deliver the chocolate while you are at your farm so spend the day at the farm.
Starry Night Festival: Winter 24 Romantic When you talk to the girls that like you on the 23rd they might invite you to have dinner with themselves and their family the next night. Go to whatever family you want to at 6 in the evening.
New Year's Eve: Winter 30 Friendship Go to top of Mother's hill at midnight and you can watch the sunrise with some of the villagers.

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