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Here I present you with your rivals for the affections of the ladies. Sure you're asking "Why should we care about the rival guys? Why do they get a section?" well this is a warning section. What this page will provide is similar to the Girls Section. Yet this time around, unless you WANT to lose a girl to the guys you will NOT give any of the items that the guys like to them. If you aren't friends with them they don't marry the girl that you are basically trying to bag first...or at least it'll take longer.


Bio: Cliff is your rival for Ann's affections. He's as emotionally unstable and is apparently an orphan. He's ALWAYS at the Church and being all repentive and will leave the village unless you get him a part time job at the Vineyard in the fall.
Favorites: Bamboo rice, Boiled eggs, Cheese fondue, Chirashi Sushi, Curry, Curry noodles, Fruit latte, Greens, Happy eggplant, Hot milk, Miso Soup, Mixed latte, Mushroom rice, Omellete, Pizza, Sushi, Tempura, Truffle rice & Vegetable latte.
Likes: Apples, Apple pie, Bread, Cake, Carrots, Chocolate, Chocolate cake, Corn, Dinner roll, Fried rice, Fries, Grilled fish, Ice cream, Jam bun, Milk, Pickled turnips, Pineapple, Raisin bread, Rice ball, Salad, Sashimi, Strawberry milk, Sweet Potato (the recipe), Tomato, Tomato juice & Wild Grapes.
Unfavorable: Apple jam, Bandages, Bodigizer(XL), Chicken feed, Curry powder, Fish food, Fodder, Grape jam, Grass(RBG), Ketchup, Ore, Oil, Turbojolt(XL), Wool & Yarn ball.
Hates: Branches, Poisonous mushrooms, Stones & Weeds.

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Bio: It's the Doctor, no not the EMH. Slightly anti-social and socially inept. (yeah I know, he's like most of us here at RPGC) The Doc. has a thing for Elli, but like all the other guys in Back to Nature is slow on the uptake.
Favorites: Bamboo shoot, Blue magic flowers, Fish(large), Fruit juice, Fruit latte, Grass(RB) Mixed latte, Poisonous mushroom, Spa-boiled egg, Stew & Wine.
Likes: Apple jam, Bamboo rice, Cabbage, Carrot, Chirashi Sushi, Corn, Curry powder, Eggplants, Fish(SM), Golden eggs, Happy Eggplants, Honey, Jam bun, Milk, Mushroom rice, Oil, Onion, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Relaxation tea, Salad, Spinach, Sweet potato, Tomato & Tomato juice.
Unfavorable: Branches, Cake, Chicken feed, Chocolate, Chocolate cake, Chocolate cookie, Fish food, Fodder, Fries, Ore, Popcorn, Pumpkin pudding, Sweet potato (the recipe) & Weeds.
Hates: Fries recipe & Trash.

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Bio: Gray is the silent, angry guy of Mineral Town. He is training to be a blacksmith under his grandfather, Saibara. Gray is sweet on Mary and will marry(:P) her if you don't.
Favorites: Bodigizer(XL), Chocolate, Curry, Fried Rice, Ore, Roasted Potatoes, Turbojolt(XL) & Veggie pancake.
Likes: Branches, Bread, Cheese, Cheese fondue, Curry noodles, Dinner roll, Eggs, Golden eggs, Ketchup, Pizza, Popcorn, Scrambled eggs & Wine.
Unfavorable: Bamboo shoot, Green Peppers, Happy eggplant, Pickles, Pickled turnips, Spa-boiled eggs & Tomato juice.
Hates: Chicken feed, Fish food, Fodder, Grass(R), Poisonous mushrooms, Turnips & Weeds.

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Bio: Kai is the village man-slut. He's only around in the summer and even though it seems to be his goal to woo all the women in the village he's your rival to Popuri. I wouldn't be surprised if he had another wife in another village or something.
Favorites: Bodigizer(XL), Bread, Fish(L), Pizza, Turbojolt(XL) & Wine.
Likes: Apples, Cheese, Corn, Curry, Curry powder, Egg, Fish(SM), Golden eggs, Grilled fish, Honey, Mayo, Milk, Pineapples, Popcorn, Pumpkins, Relaxation tea leaves, Sashimi & Sushi.
Unfavorable: Apple jam, Apple pie, Bamboo rice, Bamboo shoot, Cheesecake, Cheese fondue, Curry noodles, Grape jam, Jam bun, Miso soup, Mushroom, Mushroom rice, Noodles, Ore, Pickled turnips, Rice Omellete, Roasted potatoes, Spa-boiled eggs, Stew, Strawberry milk, Tempura noodles, Yarn & Wool.
Hates: Branches, Chicken feed, Fish food, Grass(RBG), Lumber, Poisonous mushrooms & Weeds.

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Bio: Rick is your rival for Karen. He's a humongous nerd and personally I think he should have been paired up with Mary. He's prejudiced and jumps to conclusions. He's probably the worst character in the entire game.
Favorites: Bodigizer(XL), Boiled eggs, Chocolate, Chocolate cake, Curry, Fish(L), Omellete, Popcorn, Scrambled eggs, Strawberry milk, Turbojolt(XL) & Wine.
Likes: Cake, Cheese, Cheese fondue, Chicken feed, Corn, Curry noodles, Eggs, Fish(M), Fruit juice, Golden eggs, Grape juice, Ice cream, Mayo, Mixed juice, Relaxation tea, Relaxation tea leaves & Strawberry jam.
Unfavorable: Bandages, Hot milk, Lumber, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes(the recipe), Wool & Yarn.
Hates: Branches, Fodder, Fish food, Grass(RBG), Ore & Weeds.

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