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Power Berries

Power Berries are very important, in some versions of Back to Nature they add to your percent score. But for the most part they're just used to boost your stamina so you can work for longer periods of time.

Number: Location: Picture:
#1: On Mother's Hill you'll find a grove of flowers with a solitary tree nearby. Strike the tree with your axe until an event occurs. Say that you'll spare the tree and you will get a Power Berry.
#2: Go fishing at the beach and you'll eventually pull out a Power Berry.
#3: Go to the "All year mine" and dig, a few levels down you should eventually find a Power Berry.
#4: Give five crops to the Harvest Goddess in the stream behind the spa and she will give you a Power Berry.
#5: Win 1,001 medals at the Horse race and you can afford a Power Berry from the prizes the Mayor offers.
#6: Plant 10 packets of flower seeds and Anna will show up one day and ask to pick them. Let her have as many as she wants and she'll give you a Power Berry.
#7: A prize for winning the Opening day swimming contest.
#8: The same as #3, except this Power Berry is found in the Winter Mine.
#9: Search behind the Winter Mine and you'll find a Power Berry.
#10: This Power Berry can be purchased on the Home Shopping network for $5,000.

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