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Fishing! Catch fish, ship fish, raise fish, eat fish. Ok the get the Fishing pole you need to talk to the Fisherman, he can be found before noon down on the dock at the beach. Have an empty slot in your tool bag and he'll give you the pole. You can fish at the beach, river and in the lake on Mother's Hill, or at least to begin with anyways. There are secret locations at which you can catch the Legendary Fish. You can catch normal fish just about everywhere, but the Legendary Fish (which are the only fish I'll get into in this section) are only found in certain places, at certain times and under certain circumstances. The first of which is that you must catch and raise 50 fish in the pond you fill your watering can from to get the Fishing Rod from the Fisherman.

Legendary Fish: Location: Requirements: Location image:
Angler: Beach Fish from 6-8 in the morning 10 in the evening to 5 in the morning during the winter.
Carp: Mother's hill lake Catch the all of the other Legendary Fish and then fish in the lake during the fall.
Catfish: The Winter mine pond (Keep on going down until you see a cave, through that cave is the pond) It must be winter.
Char: Goddess river, behind the spa Gain all the fish related recipes and fish in any season.
Sea Bream: Beach Ship 200 fish and then fish at the beach in every season but summer.
Squid: Beach During the summer catch a small fish then toss it into the ocean at the beach. Once this is done you'll have the rest of the day to catch the squid.

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