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Battle Strategies


 Introductory Battle

Chapter 1

Gariland Magic City
Mandalia Plains
Sweegy Woods
Dorter Trade City
Zeklaus Desert
Thieves' Fort
Lenalia Plateau
Fovoham Plains
Fort Zeakden

Chapter 2

Dorter Trade City (Revisited)
Araguay Woods
Zirekile Falls
Zoland Fort City
Bariaus Hill
Zigolis Swamp
Goug Machine City
Bariaus Valley
Gorgoland Execution Site
Gates of Lionel Castle
Inside of Lionel Castle

Chapter 3

Goland Coal City
Outside the Gate at Lesalia
Underground Book Storage Second Floor
Underground Book Storage Third Floor
Underground Book Storage First Floor
Grog Hill
Yardow Fort City
Yuguo Woods
Gates at Riovanes Castle
Inside Riovanes Castle (1st part)
Inside Riovanes Castle (2nd part)
Roof of Riovanes Castle

Chapter 4

Doguola Pass
Bervenia Free City
Finath River
Church outside of Zeltennia
Bed Desert
North Wall of Bethla Garrison
In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
Germinas Peak
Poeskas Lake
Gates of Limberry Castle
Inside of Limberry Castle
Underground Cemetary of Limberry Castle
Inside Igros Castle (1st part)
Inside Igros Castle (2nd part)
St. Murond Temple
Hall of St. Murond Temple
Chapel of St. Murond Temple

Ending Battles

Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor
Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
Murond Death City
Lost Sacred Precincts
Graveyard of Airships (1st part)
Graveyard of Airships (2nd part)
Graveyard of Airships (3rd part)

There you have it, the battles not linked are the Lucavi Group Member battles, there are battles in Cloud Quest and Deep Dungeon as well.


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