Slums in Dorter

Enemies:  1 knight, 2 wizards, 3 archers      Guests:  Delita, Algus

I reccomend a summoner here, it'll make things easier, use Ramuh to take out at least 2 or 3 enemies.  If you did use a Mediator and gotten a few monsters, go ahead and try them out, just make sure they've got at least 70 hp. For me, skeletons work well, just put them very far from the wizards, since undeads are weak to fire. In any case, take out the two wizards as soon as possible, then go for the knight and the two archers. Algus and Delita will take care of the archer on the top, so don't bother going after him.  It's best to set everyone's secondary ability as item, make sure they've got both potion and phoenix down learned, you'll likely use these here.