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How to get Cloud

Cloud is available in FFT, here are the steps and battles you need to do to get him.

First of all, this optional quest not only gets you Cloud, but some other great characters.  It is available in chapter 4 once Adramelk is vanquished. ( Mustadio must be alive, or you can forget about getting Cloud. )

1. Buy a flower from the flower girl in Zarghidas Trade City. ( Looks awefully familiar ^^ )

2. Go to Goug Machine City, a scene will occur between Besrodio, Mustadio and Ramza.

3. Go to Goland Coal City, go into the bar and listen to the " Ghost of Colliery " rumor.

4. Go to Lesalia Capital City, you'll meet Beowulf here, say " yes " so he joins you.

5. Go back to Goland Coal City and complete the 4 consecutive battles.

6. Once you succeed  in saving Reis from Sinogue and Co., you'll get a new stone, and Beowulf and Reis ( Dragon ) will join. You must accept them, or you cannot get Cloud.

7. Return to Goug Machine City , you'll get Worker-8 after a funny scene. ^_^

8. Now you must go to Zeltennia Castle, go into the bar and listen to  "Cursed Island" rumor.

9. Go to the Nelveska Temple, north of Zeltennia Castle, defeat Worker 7 New to get another stone plus Reis will be reverted to human form here. She re-joins as a Dragonner, accept her or no Cloud for you. ^^

10. Return once more to Goug Machine City, the latest stone will activate a machine which summons Cloud. He runs off. Follow him, to where ????

11.  Go back to Zarghidas Trade City, here you'll have to save Cloud from a bunch of theives.  Win it and Cloud joins. Yay !

12. Go to Bervenia Volcano and get into a fight, the Materia Blade is hidden of the highest point on the map, a ninja with germinas boots can easily reach it, don't forget to give him/her Move-Find Item first.

Ok, now that you've got everything, you should start learning a few of his limits right?  Ummm, no so fast !  First of all, change Cloud into a time mage and gain enough jp to get Short Charge, while he's a time mage, Haste, Slow and Don't Move are the best spells to use. Once he has Short Charge, start off with Finish Touch, it's the most useful.  It dosen't do any damage, but it either stops, kills or petrifies enemies in range. A good thing to do is to keep Time Magic as secondary skill so he can cast don't move to ensure his limit will be succesful since the limits can't hone on units, only panels.

Ok, now for the battles.

Colliery Underground Third Floor
 Colliery Underground Second Floor
 Colliery Underground First Floor
 Underground Passage in Goland
Nelveska Temple
Zarghidas Trade City


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