Underground Passage in Goland

Enemies:  1 archaic demon ( Sinogue ), 3 plagues, 2 ochus      Guests:  Beowulf, Reis ( Holy Dragon )

Conditions for winning:  Defeat Sinogue!  ( Heh, you'd wish ^^ )  Nah, Save Reis!

This battle won't be hard if you can manage to reach Sinogue in two rounds, get rid of the plagues first, they can cast Death Sentence on you. Reis will take care of the ochus. Sinogue will likely use Giga Flare, it does about 100 damage to Reis, but if he uses LifeBreak, chances are Reis won't survive it. That's why you must reach the demon quickly. Orlandu can put him away in a hit. If there are any remaining enemies, well, finish them off.