Nelveska Temple

Enemies:  1 Steel Giant ( Worker 7 New ), 2 hyudras, 3 cockatories    Guests:  None

Conditions for winning:  Defeat Worker 7!

There is more than fighting worker7 here, you can get the best monster group here, simply bring someone who would have mediator support skill " Train ", that will ensure one of the hyudras will join you once it gets critical, make sure not to kill it. Once it joins, finish worker7 asap. Magics won't do a thing here, so use Orlandu and Agrias' sword skills. Once he dies, he'll revive with 1 hp. kill him again and you win.

Note :  You'll have to walk around the map a while until the hyudra lays an egg, hydras are ok, but tiamats are best. Just keep on breeding until you get a good tiamat, one with over 500 hp in the least.  Once you have it, have fun playing with your new friend ^^ .  Build him up a while and he'll quickly surpass Orlandu in power, hp, but not speed. But he's the speediest char you'll have next to Orlandu.