Sweegy Woods

Enemies:  2 bombs, 2 goblins, 1 black goblin, 1 red panther      Guests:  Delita, Algus

Here is your first all monster battle, it's easy if you play it right. A wizard will help alot here.  Goblins are weak against Ice, the bombs against water (Ice and water aren't the same), while the panther is weak against Earth. If you decide to cast a spell, look at the target's CT.  If it's below 50, go ahead and cast away, but if it's higher, choose " Unit " to hone in on that target, but move back so he won't reach you. A knight is a good job to use from this point as well, they are strong and endurant. Renember, you still need a chemist for healing.

Tip:  Get rid of the bombs quickly, or they might self-destruct, killing your members surrounding it.