Inside of Riovanes Castle

Enemies:  1 white knight (Wiegraf)       Guests:  None

Conditions for winning:  Defeat Wiegraf!

OK, this is not easy, but here is my way of beating him, it may take a while but it works.  Make Ramza a monk, with Wave Fist, Earth Slash and Chakra learned. Reaction skill should be Auto-Potion, support skill Equip Armor and movement skill Move-Hp Up. Anyways, use Wave Fist to hit him, if he blocks it too often, then use Earth Slash, never attack him head on, counter hurts bigtime. All he does is use Lightning Stab over and over. If Auto Potion dosen't activate, use Chakra or even better, an X-Potion to heal, keep your hp up at all times. When you finally beat him.....

Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!!