Inside Limberry Castle

Enemies:  1 arc knight (Elmdor), 2 assasins (Celia & Lede)    Guests:  None

Conditions for winning:  Defeat Elmdor!

Equip everyone except Orlandu with 108 Gems Bracelets, this will stop Elmdor from using Blood Suck.  Simply have Orlandu move near them and use Lightning Stab, you should be able to hit all three. The assasins will likely cast Shadow Stich (100 % Stop) and/or Stop Bracelet (100 % Dead) on Orlandu.  Have your other members attack Elmdor with magics, or other distant attacks, like Mustadio's Gun and Agrias' sword skills. Don't try to attack Elmdor head on, he has Blade Grasp and will stop your every attacks. You can learn Ultima here, have Ramza be a squire and let him be hit by the spell and he'll learn it. (The assasins may or may not use it.) Although, I don't reccomend trying to get it, it's not the kill-all spell it used to be in FF6 and FF7, it's suprisingly weak in FFT. Once you're done here, prepare to face the third  Lucavi Group member, Zalera.