Golgorand Execution site

Enemies:  1 dark knight ( Gafgarion ), 3 knights, 2 archers, 2 Time Mages   Guests:  None

This can be tough since you are clearly outnumbered by your enemies, start off by taking out Gafgarion with a strong spell, like Flare, Holy, Cyclops or Bahamut. Once Gafgarion leaves, attack the knights first.  Agrias should use Lightning Stab on the Timemages, that should kill em off, save the archers for last. A trick is to use lancers, whenever a TimeMage uses a spell on your lancer, have him/her move next to an enemy and Jump to avoid the spell. If you are in luck, the timemage will have slowed or stopped his own ally. By now, I really do reccomend Auto Potion on everyone, you really need it.