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There are two kinds of spells: Cleric and Sorcerer.
Most Cleric spells involve healing and protection. They can be cast by Clerics and Paladins.
Most Sorcerer spells are offensive. They can be cast by Sorcerers and Archers.
Druids and Rangers can learn both kinds of spells, but only to a limited degree.

All spells require spell Points (SP) to cast, and some require gems as well. The tables show the costs and possible targets as follows:
Cost: Spell points / Gems (1L: 1 per level of caster)
1M = 1 Monster, GM = Group of Monsters, AM = All visible Monsters
1P = 1 Party Member, AP = all Party Members

You can buy the spells in the guilds - the tables show where. In Shangri-La and Olympus, you can buy ALL spells, and the Guild membership is FREE, so save your money.
Some spells can also be found elsewhere - all locations refer to Clouds of Xeen.


Cleric Spells

Sorcerer Spells

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