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General Information

I built this shrine together with my sons Tobias and Benjamin. They did most of the work taking screenshots and checking monster data.
I also want to thank Maruni, who helped me when I was stuck.

MIGHT AND MAGIC 4 - CLOUDS OF XEEN and MIGHT AND MAGIC 5 - DARKSIDE OF XEEN were made as two separate games, but together they form one game: World of Xeen. Clouds and Darkside are supposed to be two sides of the same world; you can change between them using the Travel Pyramids. You can finish Clouds and then go to Darkside, or you can play them both simultanously, just as you like.

How to find a location:

When you look at the map while playing, you will notice some letters and numbers. The first two indicate the area - e.g. F3. The world map is divided into 24 areas, numbered A-F from left to right and 1-4 from top to bottom.

The other numbers indicate your coordinates within the area. They count from 0 to 15, starting in the bottom-left corner. The x-coordinate runs from left to right, the y-coordinate from bottom to top. For instance, Vertigo is located at F3, x = 10, y = 13 or short (F3 10/13).

In towns and dungeons, the coordinates are indicated the same way.

Travelling around:

In Clouds of Xeen, the magic mirrors will teleport you to every town when you type the name in. (You can also type the name of a castle.) In Darkside, the mirrors have to be activated first.
There are also some cheats you can type in:
SHANGRI-LA: secret town
WARZONE: Battle arena
LORD XEEN: Lord Xeen
BOGUS: Lord Xeen
COUNT DU MONEY: Dragon's lair
SHOWTIME: see finale
I LOST IT: get Xeen Slayer Sword

The Lloyd's Beacon spell is your best friend. As many of your characters as possible should have it. Set a Beacon in the dungeon you're exploring, another in a town - then you can teleport between them and heal as often as necessary.

General Tips:

Search everything - barrels, woodpiles, beds, trees ... You can find many useful items (at least, you can sell them). But save your game before you check something suspicious - there are many traps that can kill you.

If you want to know more about an item, have the blacksmith identify it. To give an item to another party member, highlight it and click on the character's portrait.

Equip as many characters as possible with missible weapons (they can carry both a sword and a bow). When enemies are in sight, you can shoot at them (click on the bow icon).

If you want to create a party of your own, remember that the start characters come fully equipped - so if you want to delete them, take off their weapons and armor first, or they will be lost. (You need not delete them, except if you want to use the portraits.)

If you cannot open a door, try to bash it in.

In the Quest menu, you find your current quests as well as notes about important locations, puzzles and passwords - so you need not write down everything.

There are many places on the world map, like Ogres' Lair, Evil Archer Camp, Harpy's Nest... which give you easily earned XP if you destroy them. I didn't list them because you will find them by yourself if you explore everywhere.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR GERMAN PLAYERS: If you have a german keyboard, you have to type "z" for "y" (and vice versa) and "?" for "-".

Character developement:

About classes, races and character creation please see the manual or the Might and Magic 3 Shrine (

When you have gathered enough experience points, you can visit a training center and level up. The costs depend on your current level: if you are Level n, the training will cost 10n2 GP (for instance, if you are Level 5, it will cost 250 GP to reach the next level). For some quests you get Level-up-Bonuses: the later in the game you claim them, the more money you will save!

Your HP (Hitpoints) and SP (Spellpoints) will raise with every level. The other parameters (Might, Intellect, Personality, Endurance, Speed, Accuracy and Luck) can only be raised permanently by drinking special liquids etc. It's good to build a well-balanced party, but for some tasks you need a specialist. So build a very strong character, a very intelligent one and one with a high luck (the person who has to pick the locks).

Effects of the liquids:
Red: +Mgt
Blue: +Per
Green: +End
Purple: +Speed
Yellow: +Acc
White: +Lck

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