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Secondary Skills

Lets you pick locks on chests and doors. This is the only skill which has a rating.
Robbers and Ninjas start with it, and no other characters can learn this skill.

You can swim in shallow water (light blue). All characters must have it.
Humans start with it.
Rivercity (19/23): 100 GP
Castleview (29/17): 250 GP

You can walk through a dense forest. At least 2 characters must have this skill.
Rangers start with it.
Vertigo (25/26): 2.500 GP
Castleview (29/27): 1.500 GP

You can climb mountains. 2 characters must have this skill.
Rivercity (30/30): 5.000 GP
Darkside (B2 13/14): 5.000 GP

Enables the automapping feature. 1 character must have it.
Sorcerers start with it.
Vertigo (8/16): 100 GP
Castleview (30/23): 10 GP

Direction Sense:
The purple gem in the adventure screen shows which direction you are facing, as well as an arrow in the automap.
Druids start with it.
Dwarf Mine 5 (8/5): free (search skeleton)

Spot Secret Doors:
Shows walls you can bash in (a gargoyle in the adventuring screen will wave its arm).
Dwarves start with it.
Darkside (E4 5/12): 500 GP

Danger Sense:
The bat at the top of the adventuring screen will open its muoth when monsters are nearby.
Gnomes start with it.
Dwarf Mine 3 (5/11): free (search skeleton)
Castle Kalindra Lvl 1 (8/8): free

Arms Master:
Increases your chance to hit during combat.
Knights start with it.
Rivercity (30/3): 300 GP
Castle Kalindra Lvl 1 (8/6): free

Allows entrance to certain areas of the game. All party members must have it.
Paladins start with it.
Coudside (F4 9/3): free (after finding Falista's Alacorn)

You can travel through the desert without getting lost. 1 member must have it.
Rivercity (22/30): 2.000 GP
Sandcaster (19/5): 10.000 GP

Allows you to read cryptic runes.
Castle Burlock Lvl 1 (6/5): free
Sandcaster (19/27): 25.000 GP

Get better prizes in shops.
Sandcaster (19/27): 5.000 GP

Body Builder:
You will get more HP per level.
Rivercity (30/1): 1.000 GP

Cleric spell casters will get more SP per level.
Cloudside (A2 6/13)

Sorcerer spell casters will get more SP per level.
Tower of High Magic Lvl 4 (7/8): free
Sandcaster (19/1): 1.000 gems

In Shangri-La you can learn all skills for 100.000 GP!

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