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Xemn's Crown

Now, for a very confusing level, and the
quest for the Final Crown. Pick Xemn
on tihs one. His power is unmatched
except by Pochi. On this quest, take the
Power Glove, Armor, and Spike Boots
with you.
At the Checkpoint, go left, and take the
upper path.
There are tons of monsters everywhere
in this level. Make sure to have the Spike
Boots on when attacking, or the Armor
when you are in a place where you cannot
jump. If you have a problem with any
puzzles in this level, use the movies that
I made for these puzzles. Make your
way to the left.
If you don't end up here, then you made
a mistake. If you are too lost, don't
hesitate to borrow my movies. The next
part is a bit tricky, after this one. The 2nd
room below this one is full of spikes. Use
your knowledge of Glove usage to get by
this one.
About 3 screens down, you should be
here. This room is a bit tricky, and you
have to take the lower path at the end
going down.
This next puzzle could take you a loooong
time to do, unless you have really
mastered using the Power Glove. In
short terms, to finish this puzzle you have
to ride the block to the left side. If you
did get the Mattock before, then you may
have already figured out how to beat this
An easier part of the level. Beware of
the hole that appears under the gap of
spikes that hang from the ceiling. Make
your way right.
Now comes the most annoying part of
this level (even moreso than the riding of
the block). The object here, is to move
each of those blocks to clear a passage
beneath you. I recommend moving them
to the right. You have to do this a number
of times before reaching the end.
This part is pretty easy. Be careful of
false blocks, stay on top, and make your
way to the right. At the end, go down the
last false block, and find the secret hole.
Again, another simple one. You can
either ride the blocks to the left to avoid
spikes, or you can use the spike trick
(hold 'Up' while walking across spikes)
to avoid damgae. Make your way to the
bottom right.
Again, another riding of the blocks. Do
this and go left with it. Take the ladder
and go up 2 levels.
This place should now look familiar. This
is near the entrance of Meyna's Level.
Make your way through the false blocks
to here. Take this false hole down. Oh,
and make sure to stay at the Inn. Trade
items here too. Take the Power Glove,
Dragon Shield, and either an Elixer, or
Power Knuckle (I recommend Elixer).
After completing a tough ending with
the stairway of blocks, you finally reach
the last crown. Have the Dragon Shield
equipped and grab the crown. Your
next boss is the toughest one yet, the
Be careful here. His magic and physical
attacks do 40 HP damage. His magic is
slow, and so is he. The best way I fight
him is without the Power Knuckle, but
you have to have full magic before fighting.
Stand on the ledge right before dropping
down. When Rockgaea goes at you,
fire diagonally at him. Jump back on the
broken column, and back on the ledge,
firing when he comes. Do this for a while,
and Rockgaea should die after a long fight.
When you arrive home, take and get
a password. After all of this hard work,
you had better save.