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Pochi's Crown

Now, for the easiest part of the game.
The quest for Pochi's Crown. Pochi is
as strong as Xemn, but cannot shoot
magic as far. The only item I took was
the Dragon Shield, but take whatever
you want.
You may have noticed already that
Pochi cannot be hurt by monsters. This
is good. Do not use any magic here unless
you need Life. At the Check Point, go
right and then down.
When you get here, which isn't far from
the entrance (just a bit below it), you
want to make your way to the left of the
area. Don't worry here. This is basically
trial and error, but since Pochi cannot
be hurt, don't worry.
There is a huge shortcut on this next part.
Have the monster carry you up to the
false block where Pochi is now standing.
Make your way right, and don't forget to
grab the Power Knuckle. Take the ladder
down at the end.
You will end up here in this area. Go over
the tower of blocks over to the other side
to the left, and work your way to the
false block on the floor in the middle.
This area is similar to the first. Make your
way around to the left and out the right
Keep this area in mind for just a little
longer. If you need money (which you
will in a bit) go all the way right and
down the ladder.
Make your way to the middle of this
area. This place contains a money bag.
Grab it and go back to where I said to
keep in mind.
The chest that was up here also contains
a money bag. But what is more important
is the secret above it. Go up the hole.
I hope you have some keys, becuase you
will need a few here. Ignore the treasure
and make your way to the right.
Once over to the far right, after revealing
a few secret blocks, reveal this secret
hole and climb up it. You just saved
yourself a lot of hassel. If you went left,
you probably would have been lost for
a while.
Here is where the first crown is. Grab it,
making sure you have the Dragon Shield
equipped, and you will be taken to the
first boss, Tarantunes.
This boss is really not tough. The
Dragon Shield will block any magic he
sends at you. However, his physical
attacks will do damage to Pochi. This is
the time to shoot at him. With Pochi's
power, it shouldn't last too long. When
he dies, the crown will be yours and you
will be back at the entrance of the