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Lyll's Crown

For this next crown, take Lyll. Her power
is weaker than anybody's but Roas', but
her jumping power is by far the best. And
you are going to need jumping power in
this next one. Take only the Mattock and
Spike Boots.
There is a secret shop here. This is the
cheapest place to get a Magic Key
without having Lyll go in Meyna's Level
to get it. Grab it for 60 Gold.
From the checkpoint, go up here.
From the entrance, go right all the way.
At the first hole you see going down,
take it.
You should be around here now. Bust
a few blocks with the Mattock and take
the secret passage down. Beware, it is a
looooong way down. This is the easy (but
hard) way of getting down there.
You will end up here. There is a chest
with 20 Keys in this room. Once you have
it, go down to the next room.
In this room is a free Fire Rod. Grab it.
Go right and go down the hole after the
high ledge.
This is what you are looking for here.
Once you have the Magic Wings, go
back up the hole, and go right to the big
hole in the ceiling. Continue going up.
Make your way here and go left, and
make your way back to the entrance.
(Note to self, the Dragon Slayer is in
this area, so this will be called the
Dragon Slayer area for referance).
Go up the ladder from here. Go left.
When you reach here, jump up and
onto the ledge to the right. Kill the
lion and start going right, up a ladder,
busting some blocks, and down a ladder.
You will end up here. Go left. When you
reach a high ledge that you cannot reach,
try to jump on a monster (without the
Spike Boots) and get a lift over the ledge.
Take the upper pathway at the end.
You had better have 80 Gold when you
reach this area. If you don't, then you are
out of luck. Buy the Spring Boots here.
Go to the nearest Inn, and pick up the
Spring Boots. Now make your way
back to the Dragon Slayer area. Jump
up from there.
You will end up here. Use the Mattock
to bust up the blocks. Take the ladder
and continue right, busting up any blocks
that get in your way.
When you get here, be careful. Use the
Spring Boots to jump onto that ledge.
Continue going left.
When you reach here, jump down and
rest at the Inn. The chest with the crown
is right there, but if you jump to get it,
you will be 'blocked'. At the Inn, exchange
your items so that you have the Spring
Boots, the Mattock, and the Dragon
Bust up those blocks, and make sure
to stand on the block Lyll is on right now.
This is the only solid block. You just
need to jump over the 2 false blocks to
the left.
There is the crown. Before grabbing it,
make sure you have the Dragon Shield
equipped, because like last time, you are
about ready to fight a boss. This time,
the mighty Erebone is yours to fight.
This one is a little tougher. But with the
Dragon Shield, it should be a lot easier.
Erebone does not jump (that is why Lyll
is such a good choice). The best way to
kill Erebone is to fire at it, and when it
gets close enough, jump over it, and keep
firing. Continue doing this until it dies.
When it does, the Crown is yours and
you will be at the entrance to the dungeon
At home, make sure to get a password
(unless you have an emulator). Use this
one in case you lose yours (by giving
you a screenshot of the password, you
cannot blame me for a lousy translation
of the password.