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Meyna's Crown

This next one is the one I consider the
hardest one to get. Pick Meyna for this
one. Take the Crossbow, Magic Wings,
and Magic Key.
At the Check Point, go left. Use the
Crossbow to shoot the block. Jump up
before it comes back and hits you. Go
down the stairs. (This is the same place
where you got the Dragon Shield.
Your options are limited here. Just go
right and down the ladder.
This area it what I am considering the
entrance for this level, because the others
lie either in Pochi's or Xemn's Level. Head
left from here. When you come to a door,
use the Magic Key to unlock it.
When you come to this point, take the
bottom pathway. Follow it and take the
ladder down. Keep in mind that in this
Level, you will run out of Magic quickly,
so in these cases, find and Inn, and stay
All may seem hopeless here in this room,
but if you search carefully, like right here,
you will discover a secret hole. After
falling down the hole, just continue going
right. Be careful, if there is a red pool at
the bottom of a tile, shoot at it, for it is
a monster that takes away 5 HP at a time.
Eventually, you will end up here. Go up
the hole into the next room. You have
to wind your way around to get to the
You should now be here. Continue
right and take the hole going down.
By winding your way around here, you
can exit out at the bottom going right.
Near the end of the room, go up the
ladder, remembering to grab the special
bread in case you need it.
Once you reach here, open the first door
with a normal key (becuase you have the
Magic Wings equipped) and then open
the rest with the Magic Key.
Go around and down the ladder to end
up here. There is an Inn near here guarded
by and invisible version of the Oozer.
Kill it and stay at the Inn if needed. Go
right and when you come to a point where
you have to cross spikes, use the Magic
Wings. Take the ladder on the left side.
The point in this area is to go left and take
the ladder at the right. There is a Special
Potion in this area, so grab it.
Push over the blocks with the Crossbow
to the bottom part, and go through the
false block. Or you could take the secret
passage just a bit above the false block
to the right. Continue going left, up the
columns, and up to the next room.
In this area, you have to make your way
around to the ladder above. Keep
jumping, as there are a few false blocks
that will allow you to ascend without
having to go all the way around. There is
also an Armor in this area, but below it is
and invisible Oozer, so have the Magic
Wings equipped for this one. Exit through
the ladder.
This next area is similar to the last, but
this time, you have to go down. Ignore
that long doorway, as it only leads to
Spring Boots (and quite possibly death).
There are a few Inns 'inn'case you need it.
Beware the false blocks on the floor. Go
to the bottom left hand side, and down the
You are almost near the end. The crown
is right below you. Shoot the block, in
hopes that it will land in the middle
somewhere, then use the Magic Key to
open the doors. Before staying at the
last Inn, make sure to unlock all the doors
with the Magic Key. When that is done,
rest at the Inn and make sure to have the
Magic Wings, the Dragon Shield, and
either a Power Knuckle or Elixer.
Grab the crown and you will be taken
to the 3rd boss, the Archwinger.
This one takes a while, and requires fast
thinking if you have the Power Knuckle.
First off, have your Dragon Shield ready.
Archwinger will go back and forth
shooting magic. When it backs away,
quickly equip the Power Knuckle and fire
away when it comes back. Before it gets
too close, re-equip the Dragon Shield.
Keep doing this until it dies, and sends you
back to the entrance.
Return home and recieve the password.