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Gathering of Items
Pochi's Crown
Lyll's Crown
Meyna's Crown
Xemn's Crown
Roas' Battle

Roas' Quest

Now for the final stretch. For the last
round, select Roas. He is usless
throughout most of the game, but this
is where he is most needed. Take the
Spring Boots, Spike Boots, and a Crown.
Gather up money enough to by a Crystal
at the outside area.
From the Checkpoint, go to Lyll's Level,
using the Spring Boots. Go right from
the entrance.
Equip the Crown under here. Jump up and
press 'Up' and you will warp.
You will end up here after the warp. Now,
go right and fall down all the way down
to the bottom.
This is where you want to go. Go to the
left, and try to jump over the ledge. To
do so, equip the Spring Boots, wait for
a monster to arrive, jump on it, and it
should give you boost enough to get
over the ledge. Go to the picture and
equip the crown. Jump up and press 'Up'
to teleport.
Now you will be here. There is a
picture near here to the left. Use the
Crown to teleport again.
Quickly press left as you fall to get onto
the ledge. If not, you will have to start all
over. Use the crown at the picture to
the left.
You will now end up here. Grab the
Dragon Slayer. Use the Crown and
teleport using the picture.
This is where you will be now. This is
Pochi's Level. You need to find an Inn.
The nearest one is down the ladder and
around the spiral to the bottom through
the passage, down the ladder, and right.
This is where the Inn is. Rest up. This
time, take the Crystal, Spike Boots, and
the Dragon Slayer. Use the Crystal to
exit the area. Without going back to the
house, go to the Inn above the Check
Point. Spend all of your money there, so
that you will have the most HP you can
Before passing under the Check Point,
equip the Dragon Slayer. This will allow
you to fight Keela, the Last Boss.
This is it, the final battle. You cannot
switch items, so you will have to make
the best with the Dragon Slayer. You
need to get close to Keela in order to
defeat it, but it will keep breathing fire on
you. The best way to kill Keela is to get
in a gap between the flames and feet, that
is out of the way. Once there, keep
shooting, and Keela will soon die (easier
than you thought, huh?) I will let you see
the ending of this game.*

*Most emulators will not let you defeat Keela. A notable exception is the FCEUXD SP (v. 1.06 or higher) emulator. It can be downloaded here. If you know other emulators that fix this problem, let me know. Thanks to Thomas Tran for the info!