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Gathering of Items
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Gathering of Items

To start off, pick Lyll. Her super jumping
skills are perfect to start the gathering of
the items. Also, she is the perfect pick
to learn the game from.
Pick nothing (you have nothing anyways)
and exit.
Walk left from the house and take the
ladder down. This is the only way into
the dungeon (the only part of the game).
This is the dungeon. This place is HUGE,
and for the only place in the game, it has
to be huge. The first thing you want to do
is gather items. The first item you can get
is the Power Glove that Xemn uses. To
get that, go right.
Keep going right and you will reach this
area. This treasure contains lots of money.
Open it with a key and grab the money.
Continue going right.
Remember to check around for false
blocks. There will be tons of them
throught the whole game. Go down this
Open the chest here to get the Power
Glove. Grab it and start to walk back.
Go back here and take the stairs down.
Grab the Crystal Ball and get out of the
dungeon. Head back to the house.
Once back, pick Xemn. Take the
Crystal Ball and the Power Glove. Equip
the Power Glove (select and move
cursor to Power Glove). To use the
Power Glove, see the section on how to
use the Power Glove
Make your way down the big ladder
to here. From here, there is only 1
direction to go, right. Go that way then.
When you reach here, again, there is
only one way to go. This time, down. And
the only way to get down, is to jump
down. And beware, it is a long jump.
The picture of the dragon Keyla is right
here. This will be known as the 'Check
Point' throughout the game (so when I
say Check Point, you will know what I
mean). Go left.
Move the block with the glove and move
up. Up to the top.
This is the first room at the top. Make
sure to grab the only free Crossbow in
the game in this room. Go left.
There are many tough puzzles to solve in
this area, so if you need help, I have
movies that show how to solve each
puzzle in this zone. Above here is a
treasure (actually, a Chest Mimic). Kill
the Mimic and take the Spike Boots.
Go to the Inn, rest, and equip the Spike
Boots. This will save up on magic.
After a while, you will come here. Make
sure to grab the Mattock. After you have
this, you can exit this cave with the
Crystal Ball.
Again, pick Lyll. This time, take the
Mattock, and the Spike Boots. Go
to the Check Point and left from there.
Destroy the block there and go down.
When you reach the bottom, there is a
Secret Inn/Shop here. Use the Mattock
to bust the block. It will say 'Inn'. Jump
up again and it will switch to 'Shop'.
Inside, buy a Dragon Shield (for 95
Gold). This is the only place to the
Dragon Shield in the entire game. Try
to get out of the dungeon. That is it. All
the items you need for now, you have.