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Three Wise Demons

Nothing fancy about this part. Just make sure you're healed up and walk downward to the next battle.

28th Battle

Ampelar x8
Wolfen x7
Vangoria x2
Nebilus x3
Draclich x1
Thanakia x1
GelduRey x1
Monster Den (Wolfen) x1

Ampelar 132 0 67 63 256 512
Casts Laizak (consumes 0 MP).
Wolfen 187 90 84 57 256 512
Casts Torneda; Can move again after attacking.
Vangoria 151 0 63 57 256 628
Casts an ice version of Burlaiz (Costs 0 MP)
Nebilus 667 506 57 61 381 762
Casts Krulain, Barazan, Laizak, Horpha; Can move again after attacking
Draclich 1136 0 90 77 555 1110
Casts an ice and fire versions of Barazan (costs 0 MP), Casts Krulain (costs 0 MP), Casts Torneda (costs 0 MP)
Thanakia 970 506 0 67 555 1110
Casts Krulain, Eleums, Barazan, and Laizak
GelduRey 1136 506 77 77 667 1334
Casts Torneda and Laizaza; Can move again after attacking

OK, let's not mince words. This is the hardest battle of the game. Period. And it's not hard to see why. Three "bosses", three "sub-bosses", and more Wolfens than you can shake a stick at. But we have a few tricks up our sleeve. First of all, you'll need to have both MP Rings equipped if you want to stand a chance. I like to give them to Rolan and the Hero for this battle, although you can swap them around during battle if somebody else needs to restore some MP. With both MP Rings, you should be tossing magic left and right at the enemies. Also, you've probably noticed that Wolfens are basically Torneda-casting machines. They have enough MP to cast Torneda twice, then they're pushovers. Now why is this relevant? Because you have two characters that can cast Macuum! Lydia and Hans should cast Macuum on Wolfens as much as possible to get their MP below 22 (so they won't be able to cast Torneda). This also will restore some of their MP, which is handy, because you'll be needing them to cast Hosplus a lot.

The first part of the battle's not too tough. Start casting Torneda like a madman to clear out the enemies, then encircle the Draclich and start wailing away. He basically is a beefed up dragon, so the same strategies should apply (Hardi is helpful in speeding up the process). In the meantime, some Wolfens will attack. Hans and Lydia should Macuum them to minimize the number of times your party gets hit with Torneda. Remember, every time they're Macuumed, that's one less Torneda your party will have to endure!

After getting past the Draclich, make your way to Thanakia, a powerful spell-casting monster. Again, you'll want to clear out the enemies quickly and start wailing away at Thanakia, so do so. There'll be more Wolfens approaching too, so have your Macuumers ready.

The area between Thanakia and the Monster Den can get very crowded, and if it does, you may want to consider using your HolyRay. There's only one, but if you're not going to use it now, when? But the most important thing is to get to the Monster Den quickly. Keep casting Macuum on the Wolfens, healing and reviving until you make your way to the den. The Nebiluses will be casting spells on you, but don't worry too much about them until the den is out of commission.

After the den is gone, the battle gets much easier. You can treat the Nebiluses as a boss, and use the same strategy (clear out any lingering Wolfens before going after the Nebiluses). I like to cast Hardi on three characters with Tornedo Halberds (or Orlof with the Jupiter Halberd) and have them make mince-meat out of the Nebiluses. They'll fall quickly either way. But don't forget to heal!

After you take care of the Nebiluses, there's only GelduRey left. He won't attack until you approach him, so you may want to take the time to heal up. Have your characters with the MP rings cast Horpha on all your characters until everybody's healed. Then switch the MP Rings around and keep cycling through the turns until everybody's MP is fully restored. Now you're ready to kick some ass!

GelduRey is a pushover, especially if you restored all your HP and MP. He basically just sits there casting Torneda and occassionally Laizaza. Just beat him down with your best moves (Bunsido, Hardi... the works) and this battle will be over.

Run back to the inn and heal up. The Final Battle's coming up!

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