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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking NNNesterJ save states in Just Breed. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first.
For example, let's say you want 10,000 Gil. That would be 2710 in hexadecimal. There is room for 4 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places. The first two digits are 27 and the last two digits are 10, so you'd enter 1027. If you wanted to 5A7 (1447), you'd enter A705 (remember that the digits are always in pairs. Just think of 5A7 as 05A7). It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.
The Exp stats work the same way, but the offsets aren't consecutive.
The locations for the offsets for stats (and equipment) for specific characters varies, depending on who's in your party. They are always in the same order as they are in the game's status screen. (So generally, the Hero is first, followed Isaac and the rest of his troops, then Rolan and his troops, etc.) Each stat only uses a single offset. For stats not applicable to all characters (like MP), only those characters that have that stat are given offsets (so the maximum number of offsets for MP is 8, since you can't have more than 8 magic users in your party at once)


43E5-43FC Current HP for Characters
4425-442C Current MP for Characters
44E5-44FC Maximum HP for Characters
4525-452C Max MP for Characters
4555-456C Power for Characters
456D-4584 Stamina for Characters
4585-459C Wisdom for Characters
459D-45B4 Equipped Weapon for Characters
45B5-45CC Armor for Characters
45CD-45E4 Shields/Accessories for Characters*
480F-485E Inventory
490C-490E G
4970, 4976, 497C Hero's Exp
4971, 4977, 497D Rolan's Exp
4972, 4978, 497E Orlof's Exp
4973, 4979, 497F Hans' Exp
4974, 497A, 4980 Duval's Exp
4975, 497B, 4981 Lydia's Exp



These values should be entered in your Item Inventory and equipped Weapon and Armor slots (Equipped Accessories/Shields are done differently, see below). The list has been seperated, based on where the values should be placed.

00 Nothing


01 T-Bolt
02 StrmPod
03 Herb1
04 Herb2
05 MP
06 MOV
07 EXP
08 LifMyst
09 MagMyst
0A LifeHerb
0B CureHerb
0C Ale
0D ???
0E Panic
0F ?????
10 HolyRay
11 Miracle
12 Mushbal
13 ZzFlute
14 Oasis
15 Strim
16 WingMrk
17 Oil
18 Letter
19 Letter1
1A Letter2
1B Letter3
1C Explos.
1D GuruEye
1E Necklac
1F Disguis
20 Axe
21 Log
22 Torch
23 Pass
24 BossMrk
25 Unknwn4
26 Unknwn5
27 Nothing


28 Horma
29 Sapphir
2A Ruby
2B Emerald
2C Lapis
2D Crystal
2E Turquoi
2F Amythys
30 MP
31 ????
32 Magic
33 Speed
34 Charm
35 Burnas
36 Krunas
37 Nothing


38 Blunt
39 Blunt
3A Copper
3B Copper
3C Iron
3D Iron
3E Steel
3F Steel
40 Silver
41 Silver
42 Toroma
43 Cyclon
44 Light
45 Big
46 Heal
47 Saturn
48 Flame
49 Thin
4A Jupitr
4B Mars
4C Tornad
4D Shovel
4E Fickle
4F XCutter
50 Just
51 Bow
52 Bind
53 Copper
54 Iron
55 Steel
56 Silver
57 Bowgun
58 Wooden
59 Iron
5A Silver
5B Kamikz
5C Deadly
5D Stylis
5E SBowgun
5F Rage
60 Luna
61 Just
62 Wooden
63 Stone
64 Glass
65 Iron
66 Spirit
67 Silver
68 Heal
69 Mana
6A CobrFng
6B Just
6C Pickaxe
6D Nothing


6E Clothes
6F Leathr
70 Copper
71 Scale
72 Chain
73 Iron
74 Steel
75 Silver
76 Angel
77 Antiq
78 Uniform
79 Countr
7A Bewitc
7B Emotio
7C Mercur
7D Just
7E Heal
7F Solar
80 Mirror
81 ?????
82 Cotten
83 Silk
84 Protec
85 Rune
86 Angel
87 Holy
88 Lucky
89 Horma
8A Magic
8B Just
8C Nothing


8D Leathr
8E Bucklr
8F Lead
90 Copper
91 Iron
92 Steel
93 Silver
94 Tower
95 Just
96 Venus
97 Charm
98 Arrow
99 -----

MAGIC (Magic can be hacked into your inventory and used in battle like a consumable item! Might I suggest Zuru?

9A Burnas
9B Burlaiz
9C Krunas
9D Krulaiz
9E Barazan
9F Krulain
A0 Bunsido
A1 Marrow
A2 Marrow5
A3 Marrow-
A4 Laizak
A5 Laizaza
A6 Gesarch
A7 Fribane
A8 Gesarch
A9 Laizak-
AA Barazan
AB Toromar
AC Araund
AD Hardi
AE Macuum
AF Torneda
B0 Dehorrs
B1 Dehorrs
B2 Eleums
B3 Torneda
B4 Horma
B5 Horpha
B6 Hornst
B7 Hospis
B8 Hosplus
B9 Doctom
BA Arienas
BB Strim
BC Guard
BD Poison
BE SrchBir
BF Paralyz
C0 BodyBlo
C1 Megante
C2 Sekika
C3 Hit And
C4 BlesGa
C5 BlesRk
C6 BlesRk2
C7 BlesErk
C8 BlesHi
C9 BlesFir
CA Double
CB Blot
CC Drop
CD EntrShe
CE LeavShe
CF Nothing
D0 Ball 1
D1 EgBreak
D2 MoleDig
D3 Sndwrm1
D4 Sndwrm2
D5 Sndwrm3
D6 BlesHi2
D7 Erthqua
D8 Hit And
D9 Snwstrm
DA Torneda
DB Laizak
DC BlesFir
DD LDragon
DE RDragon
DF Meteo
E0 Zuru
E1 Laizak-
E2 BlesHi3
E3 Laizak2

E4-FF is gibberish that can crash your game.

Equipped Shield/Accessory

Each character is given a single offset controlling what Shield and Accessory they're equipped with. The first digit controls which Accessory they have equipped, and the second digit controls their Shield. So, if you wanted a shield with the value of "3" and an accessory with the value "B", you'd enter B3 in their offset. Easy!


0 Nothing
1 Horma
2 Sapphir
3 Ruby
4 Emerald
5 Lapis
6 Crystal
7 Turquoi
8 Amythys
9 MP
A ????
B Magic
C Speed
D Charm
E Burnas
F Krunas


0 Nothing
1 Leathr
2 Bucklr
3 Lead
4 Copper
5 Iron
6 Steel
7 Silver
8 Tower
9 Just
A Venus
B Charm
C Arrow
D ----
E Burnas
F Burlaiz

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