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Normally, I wouldn't even consider using some other chump's FAQ in a shrine of mine, but when that chump isn't a chump at all, but the translator of the game itself, well, that's different. Thanks to Shih Tzu, the game's awesome translator, we've got this nifty compendium of secrets and oddities within the world of Just Breed. Take it away, Shih Tzu!

Just Breed Secrets FAQ

by ShihTzu
v0.02 - 4/21/04



v0.02 - Butz ( was the first to write in about the
        line I mentioned in the Rumors section, and Fredde was the second.
        Thanks to both of you!  "Ashcroft" added to the Secrets to reflect
        this.  Congratulations also to Butz on finishing the Spanish
        translation of Just Breed!

        Chris H. tells me the "Chicken and Cow" event can be triggered anytime
        after resolving the crisis in Tungal, so I updated to reflect that.

        Updates section created.

v0.01 - First release.


  One of the nicer things about Just Breed is the amount it rewards you for
careful exploration.  Not only are there weird NPCs stuck everywhere, but
there's a fair amount of crazy hidden/optional events, most of them
meaningless.  It reminds me a lot of the PC game Anachronox, a game fans of
Just Breed will probably also enjoy.

  I translated the script for Stealth Translations' unofficial English
translation of Just Breed (available at, and in
the course of doing so, I built up a thorough knowledge of the secrets.  So,
of course, my next obligation was to write a Secrets FAQ, because otherwise no
one else would ever find them, and all my translational blood, sweat, and tears
would go to waste.

  Those who'd like some gentle prodding should stop by the Hints section first,
while those who don't mind huge crazy secret-spoilers can jump right to the
Secrets section.  At the end is a list of unproven Rumors for those who want
some homework.

  I should note that I first learned of some of these secrets from the Just
Breed fan site Sapphire Matsuri, which is unfortunately long since gone.


Neophyte -

  Go back to Astholm and talk to everyone there again.

Piano Man -

  As in all RPGs, there's a piano somewhere for your hero's amusement.

Secret Boots -

  Go back to Milton and talk to everyone there again.

Enix Nights -

  One of the wells has a secret...and there's something lying near it as well.

Ashcroft -

  Something in Darbia is giving our hero bad thoughts.

Retribution -

  After the guy outside the tunnel in Darbia lets you through, keep talking to

Treasure Hunter -

  Did you find the "fifth player" in the game of hide-and-seek in Irondell?

Masochists -

  What happens if you don't cure your paralysis?

Calling Dr. Freakout -

  What happens if you don't have enough money to pay Dr. Hausen?

Cricket and Sign -

  Search any interesting-looking spots in Jarmy.

Meet the Flintstones -

  What happened to Lydia's cave after she left it?

Seakett Date -

  When you're on a date, take her everywhere.

Chicken and Cow -

  Go back to Baan and talk to chickens and people who hang around them a lot.



  Later in the game, if you go back to Astholm and talk to the wannabe wizard
kid again, he'll demonstrate Burnas to you, just like Isaac did.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't let you take him along.

Piano Man

  There's a piano on the first floor of Orlof's manor.  You can Search it to
make the hero briefly dink around on it.

Secret Boots

  Later in the game, if you go back to Milton and talk to the man who talked
about the Milton Bar before, he'll give you the "Secret Boots" (in the English
translation, he'll also give a brief explanation of what Secret Boots are,
namely, a style of Japanese shoe that secretly props your heel up high so you
look taller).  Then you can wander around town and pretend to be amused at how
people (and signs, even) react.  They go away when you leave town.

Enix Nights

  The well in the southeast corner of Milton is actually the entrance to the
basement club Enix Nights.  If you search the wall of the hospital nearby, you
should find a Member's Pass you can use to get inside.  The Pass will also, of
course, get you discounts at inns.  Be careful, however, because in the
unlikely event that you die and don't have enough money for hospital treatment,
the mean old doctor will confiscate your Pass.  Jerkwad.

  There's not a whole lot inside that's interesting at this point, but look for
more in Chicken and Cow...


  Our hero apparently finds the statue in Borne Shipping in Darbia a bit racy,
as searching it yields the text "Wow, sick!"  I actually couldn't find this
text at first, so I had to translate it without knowing the context (the
Japanese line is "nakanaka ecchi da!").  Knowing what I know now, I might go
with something more like "Wow, that's pretty boobtacular." or something silly
like that, but I think it's plenty amusing as it is.

  Thanks again to Butz and Fredde for being the first and second people,
respectively, to write me about this!


  You may have noticed that the guy outside the tunnel in Darbia steps to the
left after letting you through.  If you talk to him again, he'll beg for
forgiveness...and step to the left again.  You can repeat this until he backs
up all the way into the sea, at which point he will drown.  My respect for the
game about doubled at this point.

Treasure Hunter

  During the game of hide-and-seek in Irondell, if you enter the house in the
northwest corner of town, you'll find a man hanging around.  Talk to him, and
he'll shout that you found him, and then suddenly someone will race in and
chase him out, calling him a thief.  Pointless and odd.


  You don't have to cure your paralysis for a while, actually.  You can reach
as far as Bajjad in that state, but Heniamul will refuse to guide you to Duval.
Rolan and Orlof will show up in the towns and make quivering pleas to return to
Kaefner.  Amusingly, you can also put off talking to the wise woman of Cassalia
until after Orlof is paralyzed; the scene is identical, but Orlof's lines are
all garbled.  It may still be possible to get the Jupiter Halberd in this
state, although I haven't checked yet.

Calling Dr. Freakout

  If you don't have enough money to pay Dr. Hausen for your paralysis
treatment, the guy will lose it and scream "WHAT?" at you for what feels like
forever before finally taking all you've got.  He must have one of those
72-hour shifts.  (No, it's not a bug.)

Cricket and Sign

  There are a couple of odd little messages tucked away if you follow the
skinny paths around the upper-right and upper-left edges of Jarmy and Search
the bushes.

Meet the Flintstones

  After the people of Essencia vacate Lydia's cave hideout to move back in,
you'll find a guy left inside who's decided to settle down there.  Afterwards,
you can check back on him after basically every battle until the end of the
game to watch his little saga develop.  (If you need to catch up, you can
always leave and re-enter the cave to advance the story.)

Seakett Date

  Most people will probably have found this one, but it's possible some might
miss it, so:  There's a girl on the beach in Seakett (pre-attack only) who will
ask you out on a date.  Take her to the Seaview Restaurant and talk to the
waiter, then take her to the tool shop and let her buy an expensive necklace.
Afterwards, she will give you both a kiss and the Bewitch Armor.

  Something you may have missed is an amusing message if you don't have enough
money to pay for the necklace.

Chicken and Cow

  This is the big one--a good 5% of the game's entire script is tied up in this
extended sequence alone, and it's also arguably the only interesting part of
the game (or the game's story, at least) left after Tungal.  See how much of
it you can find without using this FAQ!

  The secret will work anytime after you repair the dam in Tungal and before
you depart for the final dungeon in Lambruvir.  Go back to Baan and talk to all
three of the chickens, then talk to the farmer.  He'll tell you (in his own
way) that he can speak with birds and offer to teach you.  Say Yes (in your own
way), and he'll give you a crash course in bird-speak.  After this, you can
talk to any bird in the game, namely the chickens in Baan, the pigeons in
Messalia, the chickens in Sholoss, and (later) the cooked chicken in Mahle.

  The important ones at this point are the two chickens in Sholoss.  After
talking with them (one of them is behind a fence), you will be able to go to
the westernmost well in Segartea (the one by the church) and Search.  You will
fall in and meet an evil magician who will quiz you on the location of the
game's development.  If you answer incorrectly (the correct answer is Saitama),
he will turn you into a chicken, and you can amuse yourself by reading all the
reactions of the Segartean townsfolk.  The curse will lift if you leave the
town, which raises the question of how the cursed chicken ever got to Sholoss,
but anyway.  It's also possible to be cooked and eaten by one of the hungrier
townspeople, after which you will be revived as a human and the doctor will
patronize you.

  If you answer correctly, the magician will give you the power to lift the
curse with a kiss.  You can go back to Sholoss now if you like and save the
cursed chicken.  It doesn't appear to "do" anything, but the other chicken will
be impressed with you.

  After you answer the magician's question correctly, you can go see the cooked
chicken in the diner in Mahle, which for some reason you couldn't talk to
before.  It will beg you not to eat it and teach you cow-speak in exchange.
(You can try eating it again to have it whine at you some more.)  If you like,
you can go talk to the cow in Sholoss, who will stop just short of asking you
to kiss it and grumble about the well in Susandna.  After this, you can check
the northernmost well in Susandna to almost get your head blown off by

  In the meantime, after learning cow-speak, you can pay a rewarding visit to
Enix Nights, the club in the lower-right well in Milton (pick up the Member's
Pass by the wall of the hospital if you haven't already).  This time, when you
try to approach the stairs, one of the clubgoers will notice you speak with
cows and show you a long and bizarre sequence that culminates in you becoming
their Boss and receiving the Boss Mark.  For those playing the English
translation and who are wondering, yes, the reference to Totally Rad is of
course entirely my fault.

  The Boss Mark is a hilariously cool item that can essentially smite anyone
you choose outside of battle, including yourself if that's your thing.  It
won't work on the woman blocking the north exit of Bouvre (gotta maintain story
continuity, I guess).  It also won't kill your party members, but you will at
least get funny messages instead, and it'll even blow Lydia's clothes right

  And THAT, my friends, is how you see Lydia in her underwear.  The secrets
finally seem to run out there, but if anyone finds anything else, be sure of
course to let me know!  As of this writing, you can write to shihtzu [at-mark]
flammie [period] net.


  One of the regulars at Sapphire Matsuri (a now-defunct Japanese Just Breed
fan site) claimed to have been caught once in the wave of fire outside the
Wizard's House early in the game.  He said he died and woke up again in the
hospital in Astholm.  No one was able to duplicate this and I don't see
anything in the script to support this, so draw your own conclusions.

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