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The manual scans of the Main Characters are courtesty of (in the contributor's own words) "Anonymous Coward". Hey! Mr. and Mrs. Coward, way to name your kid! I can only imagine the taunts and jabs the kids on the playground musta come up with... But many thanks go out regardless!

Main Characters and Armies


The Priestesses are the six mystical ladies that represent their corresponding gems and hold the key to an ancient power. They're being kidnapped by Ezelkiel's minions to revive some sort of ultimate evil.

Firis - Firis is the Sapphire Priestess from Astholm. Furthermore, she is also the Hero's girlyfriend. She is kidnapped in the intro by Sekol, right as she was about to get bizzay with the Hero.

Ellen - Ellen is the Emerald Priestess from Segartea. She is the sister of Karen, and Rolan's sweetheart. Her and her sister are kidnapped by the baddies, although Karen is later discarded.

Tifa - No, not THAT Tifa. She is the Lapis Lazuli Priestess, and resides in Orlof's Mansion near Gratska, even though the Lapis Lazuli's power governs the Cassalia area.

Rina - Rina is the Crystal Priestess. Her residence is in Cassalia, although the Crystal's power governs the Bajjad area.

Cecille - Cecille is the Amethyst Priestess from Essencia. She is apparently very good friends with Lydia.

Claire - Claire is the Turquoise Priestess from Baan. She has the unique distinction of being kidnapped TWICE. She's got this damsel in distress thing down.

Bad Dudes

These guys are bad to the bone.

Sekol - Some annoying little guy. Likes to talk big, but in reality, he's very weak.

Gel du Rey - Ezelkiel's right-hand man. And he is BIG. Does most of the bad guy dirty work, so you'll be meeting up with him fairly often.

Ezelkiel - The baddest of the bad guys. He's trying to collect all the Priestesses in order to revive the ultimate evil, the Megagod Jisfandel.

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