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Fallin' Through Floors....

The second part of the tower is very similar to the first. You'll see a chest right after climbing the stairs, but you can't reach it yet, so just ignore it for now. Head down and you'll see two paths, one to the right and one to the left. Before taking either of them, go down to the bottom of the room to find a StrmPod, which casts Torneda in battle if you use it.
Now go down the path to the right, which will lead to your next battle.

LandUrch 57 0 59 77 207 414
Can attack from three spaces away.
Ampelar 132 0 67 63 256 512
Casts Laizak (consumes 0 MP).
Wolfen 187 90 84 57 256 512
Casts Torneda; Can move again after attacking.
K'thon 207 126 77 41 314 628
Casts Horpha; Casts Eleums
Vangoria 151 0 63 57 256 628
Casts an ice version of Burlaiz (Costs 0 MP)
BlueDrag 970 0 90 77 461 922
Casts Laizak (costs 0 MP), Can move again after attacking
SnowDrag 970 0 90 87 461 922
Casts an ice version of Barazan and Krulain (costs 0 MP), Can move again after attacking

27th Battle (Part 1)

LandUrch x3
Ampelar x3
Wolfen x6
K'thon x2
BlueDrag x1
Monster Den (Ampelar) x2

Look familiar? It should. This is basically the same battle as you've been fighting, only with few more Wolfens, and less LandUrches. But the Monster Dens only spawn Ampelars, so it's actually easier than the last battle (not to mention that the dragon can only attack one character at a time). However, since there are more Wolfens, it's even more imperative to clear out as many monsters as possible in the first round, so go crazy with your spells to start the fight, then work your way to the dens, then the dragon.

Go up the stairs and you'll find some treasure. The first chest is the Venus Shield, which is an awesome shield for Lydia. There's also a T-Bolt, which casts Laizak in battle.
If you notice something funny about this tile near the T-Bolt chest, you're right. Go ahead and walk on it to drop to a semi-secret area.
SCORE! A second MP Ring! This'll definitely come in handy! Keep following the path and you'll end up back at the inn. Heal up while you're there.
OK, now to go to the battle to the left of the previous battle.

27th Battle (Part 2)

Ampelar x2
Wolfen x8
K'thon x1
Vangoria x9
SnowDrag x1
Monster Den (Vangoria) x2

This battle's similar to the previous three battles, but there's an extra group of enemies! Yikes! Because of this, you might not be able to clear the minor enemies out as quickly as you like. The biggest problem with this is that it means you may not be able to get to the dens fast enough to stop the Vangorias from coming out, and that's bad news.

But try to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible anyway (the enemy group to the south will come up to attack you, so no need to go down to meet them). Torneda and Krulain help. You may lose a few characts... if so, revive them ASAP. Since the dens will probably be active before you have the chance to unarm them, send as many characters to a SINGLE den and close it off before closing off the second den. Don't split your forces, or you may be overwhelmed.

After getting the dens taken care of, take care of any remaining monsters before going after the dragon. Once you get to this point in the battle, you should have no problem.

The first thing you should do after the battle is head back to the inn and heal up. Go to the store and stock up on Herb2s and LifeHerbs and whatever else you need.
Return to the room with the battle and go into the room just to the right. You'll find a HolyRay, an item that does massive damage to all on-screen enemies. You only get one, though, so use it carefully. North of the last battle you fought is the path to the next battle...

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