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The Tower of Power, Too Sweet to be Sour, Funky Like a Monkey, OH YEAH

Well you've reached the game's "point of no return". And since it's an interior dungeon, you won't have your troops available to you for the rest of the game. Gather your bravery and head on in.
In the first room, there are two chests, one with the Just Armor, and one with the Just Shield. Equip them on whomever you want.
Go up to the next room. If you head to the left there you'll find an inn. Very handy. There's no hospital, but that's what the spell Arienas is for, right?
To the right of the inn is the shop. The item shop is on the left, the armor shop in the middle, and the weapon shop on the right. As you might expect, the best purchasable equipment is sold here. The Tornado Halberds are awesome. They're basically pumped-up versions of the Cyclone sword (so they attack all enemies in a 1 square radius). Buy one for the Hero, Rolan and Lydia, if you can afford it. Silver Armor and Tower Shields should also be bought for those who need it.
North of the room connecting the inn and shop is two paths, one on the left, and one on the right. Go to the battle on the left first.

LandUrch 57 0 59 77 207 414
Can attack from three spaces away.
Manticore 77 0 63 41 207 414
Resists Fire Magic, Weak Against Ice Magic; Can Attack from 2 spaces away; Attacks by casting Burlaiz (consumes 0 MP).
Ampelar 132 0 67 63 256 512
Resists Fire; Casts Laizak (consumes 0 MP).
Wolfen 187 90 84 57 256 512
Casts Torneda; Can move again after attacking.
K'thon 207 126 77 41 314 628
Greatly resists Fire and Ice; Casts Horpha; Casts Eleums
RedDrag 970 0 90 77 461 922
Casts Burlaiz (costs 0 MP), Can move again after attacking
GrnDrag 970 0 90 87 461 922
Casts Torneda (costs 0 MP), Can move again after attacking

26th Battle (Part 1)

LandUrch x6
Ampelar x3
Wolfen x3
K'thon x2
RedDrag x1
Monster Den (Manticor) x2

Get used to this map. You'll be seeing a lot of it (or slight variations of it). There are two important things to remember in these battles. First, go all out and kill as many enemies as quickly as possible. Spells like Torneda and Bunsido help, as does the Tornedo Halberd. You should have most of the enemies cleared out in the first couple of rounds.

Second, close off the monster dens ASAP! You may want to equip the Speed Boots on Lydia, Hans or Duval to reach the dens faster (if you unequip the Speed Shoes but before ending a character's turn, another character can equip it in the same round and get a movement boost too!). Also, it might be helpful to concentrate your forces on one den at a time, rather than splitting into groups of 3 and getting them simultaneously, since when the den starts spawning, it's easy to get overwhelmed if you only send some of your troops. The left den starts spawning just before the right den... if you give Lydia or Hans the Speed Boots and have them run to the right den quickly, they should be able to close it off before it starts spawning (they won't be able to reach the left den before it starts spawning, and it's better to have a den closed off quickly). Then the rest of your party should be able to get the other den.

After finishing off everything else, you'll still have the RedDrag to deal with. This is the easy part. Heal and revive anybody who needs it (Since there are no longer seperate armies, anybody can revive anybody else), then simply surround the dragon. You should have characters on each side of him, in front of him, etc (the characters on each side, and the ones diagonally in front of him (which can attack with the Tornedo Halberds) won't be affacted when he casts Burlaiz). Hans should be down a bit and firing with his Luna Bow. Feel free to use Bunsido and other spells to speed the process up (you can restore your MP at the inn after each battle). Everybody should keep attacking (or healing, if necessary) and the dragon will go down in no time.

After the battle, head north to a treasure room. You'll find the MP Ring and the Light Sword. The Light Sword has low attack power, but attacks all on-screen enemies, but the real prize is the MP Ring, which restores 10 MP to the wearer every round. Now rationing magic just got a whole lot easier!
Heal up and whatnot, then head into the room just to the right of the previous battle to go to the next battle...

26th Battle (Part 2)

LandUrch x6
Ampelar x3
Wolfen x3
K'thon x2
GrnDrag x1
Monster Den (Wolfen) x2

This battle's about the same as the last one, but with a GrnDrag instead of a red one. Also, the dens release Wolfens, which are much more dangerous than Manticors! Use the Speed Boots and close them off before they swarm the screen! But you should use the same strategy as the last battle to make it through this one.

You'll notice the room you just fought your battle in has two exits, one to the north and the left. Go to the north first, and grab the Just Spear, a super-powerful spear. Head to the exit on the left to go to the next floor.

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