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Cozy with Cozette

The first thing you'll notice about Baan is that Hans will follow you around, never shutting up about how great his new girlfriend is. The second thing you'll notice is that the people speak with a strange accent, but you should be able to make it out. Upgrade your equipment and revive/heal your troops while you're here.
When you try to leave, however, you'll receive word that Seakett has been attacked by bandits. You'll have to rush back there to save the town.
Seems Cozette has been kidnapped too! Head out of town via the northern exit, and into this place, the thiefs' hideout.

20th Battle

Thief x14
Wolfen x1

Thief 120 0 57 57 132 264
Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away; Can move again after attacking.
Wolfen 187 90 84 57 256 512
Casts Torneda; Can move again after attacking.

The way you'll tackle the Thief's Den is different than the traditional battle, so I'll explain it differently. There is a central hub, with an exit to the northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, and south, each leading to a battle and a reward. It doesn't matter which order you do the battles (you really only have to do the southern battle, but that would mean missing out on some good treasure), but save the southern battle for last. But the first thing you should do is grab the chest in the center of the hub and get the Silver Boomerang it contains. Equip it on Hans.
Northwest Battle: The theme for these battles will be "easiness". Since you're inside, you only have your generals, but there are only three enemies in each battle. Since you have a chance to return to Seakett and visit the inn after each battle, use all the MP you want, since you want to eliminate the enemies as quickly as possible, so have the Hero, Rolan and Duval use offensive magic while Hans heals. If you stand in one of the crossbows on the top and bottom of the screen's way, you'll be hit by an arrow, so be careful of that. If you unload your most powerful spells, and heal each round, you should have no problem. Your reward is Speed Shoes and a Burnas Statue.
Southwest Battle: Make sure to have stopped at the inn between battles. This battle's about the same as the last one. Use the same tactics. Your reward here will be the Luna Bow, the best bow in the game! Only Hans can equip it, so give it to him.
Northeast Battle: This battle's a little harder because the bow-traps have been replaced with something a bit more dangerous. Those diamond-shaped things attack in all 8 directions after each round, just like the Marrow spell. Still, with Hospis being cast each round, you should be fine. Your reward here is a Magic Robe.
Southeast Battle: Just like last battle, except the Marrow-traps are placed a bit trickier. Still, no problem. Your reward this time is a Flame Sword.
Southern Battle: This battle's a little a bit harder. Not only do you have both types of traps, but after the first round, the Thief in the middle will turn into a Wolfen with full HP, so concentrate your attack on the other Thieves the first round. You should still have plenty of firepower to win this battle. Now continue on!
Beyond the southern battle is Cozette! How convenient... Hans wisely suggests she be taken to the hospital.
Hans begs you to let him stay in Seakett for a while. You really don't have any choice but to let him, so he'll be leaving your party... Nothing you can do about it now but return to Baan.

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