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My Life as a Seakett Dater

Welcome to Seakett, once home of ancient legends, but now a mere resort town... just what Hans has been looking for! While Hans runs off to find the woman of his dreams, you should head to the hospital/inn and heal up. Go to the shop to upgrade your equipment. Iron Boomerangs are highly recommended.
Bandits are populating the area north of this town, but there's nothing you can do about that for now. You can, however, learn some story-type stuff if you go into one of the houses in the center of town, talk to this old lady, and say you're not here for the resorts, and you'd like to hear about a legend.
Also, you can do a little dating here as well. One of the girls on the beach will start fawning over you and ask you out. Agree to go, then head toward the restaurant. Talk to the waiter, and eat up. Now walk to the item store, and buy her the necklace. The dinner and necklace will cost 1500 gold total. Afterward, she'll reward you with a kiss and the Bewitch Armor. Nothing more to do here now but to head out the exit on the southern part of town.

19th Battle

LandUrch x4
Monster Den (Raptor) x12
Monster Den (Jark) x4

Raptor 57 0 41 20 57 154
Flies, Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away.
Jark 69 0 37 41 47 94
Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away.
LandUrch 57 0 59 77 207 414
Can attack from two spaces away.

The theme of this battle is Raptors, and lots of 'em. Everything looks pretty calm, what with only the four LandUrches, but there are a whopping 16 Monster Dens here, and they're all extremely active. They all release Raptors except the bottom four of the upper group, which spawn Jarks.

Your first goal is to unarm the upper Monster Dens. This is easier said than done, however, since the LandUrches guard the bridges, and have extremely high defense. Magic such as Krulaiz can make short work of them, though. Get your troops past the LandUrch defense, and start closing the dens. Try to close the Jark dens first, since they're more of a threat.

Once the first 8 dens and the LandUrches are taken care of, you'll probably notice that the field is littered with Raptors. Make your way to the southern dens, but try to keep your troops grouped as tightly as possible, to help prevent the Raptors from teaming up on a single character. Fight off the Raptors as you head to the dens. Their defense is low enough that you should be able to defeat them at least as quickly as they spawn. Close off the final dens to stop the Raptor invasion, and you'll finally be finished with this battle.

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