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Dam Tungal!

Return to Baan. Nothing's really changed here, so buy some more stuff if you'd like, and rest up at the inn.
When you try to leave via the western exit, you'll be stopped again, this time by Lydia! As a woman of her word, her and her army will now join your party. Yippee!

21st Battle

LandUrch x6
Hellfire x6
Gorgon x6
Ampelar x1
Monster Den (Zombeast) x4

LandUrch 57 0 59 77 207 414
Can attack from three spaces away.
Gorgon 85 0 57 49 108 154
Zombeast 65 0 61 41 102 114
Hellfire 93 0 33 33 120 264
Greatly Resists Fire Magic; Can Attack from long distance; Attacks by casting Burlaiz (consumes 0 MP).
Ampelar 132 0 67 63 256 512
Resists Fire; Casts Laizak (consumes 0 MP).

You have two choices here. You can obliterate the enemies, or you can make a break for Tungal, the next town. I like to obliterate everything, because it's a good source of G and Exp, and this battle isn't as bad as it seems.

There are TONS of enemies here, and they all come at you immediately. This is both good and bad. The bad is obvious, but this is also good because all the enemies stay pretty much grouped together, making them easy target for fire-based spells, which are very effective against all the enemies here, except the Hellfires. Get up in the enemies' faces, and let your magic attacks loose and they'll start dropping pretty fast. The flip side to this is that you'll probably be bunched up too, and the Hellfires can really do some damage too, so your non-magicians should concentrate on taking them out first.

Once the battlefield is cleared a bit, you'll need to work your way up and close off the Monster Dens and kill off everything else. Zombeasts spawn quickly, so this is easier said than done. Again, they're very vulnerable to magic, so hopefully, you have some MP left over. The Ampelar is much more difficult, and will take a while to get rid of, but you should be able to overwhelm it by sheer manpower (Krulaiz helps too). Because of the nature of this battle, casualties will probably be very high, but you should be able to triumph.


Welcome to Tungal, another town with an accent. This accent is so thick, that you won't be able to understand what anybody is saying... Plus, half the town is flooded... the Inn and Hospital are available, though so heal and revive everybody.
Talk to Duval, who speaks Tungalese, and he'll translate for you. You can now walk around the town and find out what everybody is saying.
If you go into the far-western house, the man there will tell you that he'll only talk to women. Might as well go get Lydia to talk to him... She is walking around outside near his house.
Lydia will get more and more fed up with the man, until she can no longer even properly relay his messages. Oh well...
Now enter the southeastern house. Talk to the injured man who will advise you to get a Log to fix the dam. He also says that a woodsman would be a good place to get a Log...
Remember that Woodsman we met earlier in the game? Have the Hero cast Strim and return to him. Talk to him and he'll give you a Log.
If you talk to the injured man in Tungal again, he'll tell you that you can fix the dam by using the Log directly above the dam. Looks like it's back to the battlefield!

21st Battle (Part 2)

Basically, this is the same battle as the last time, except you're starting from Tungal instead of Baan, and the enemies are shifted to the left too. Actually, this time it's a bit easier, since you start closer to the dens. Your goal is to make it up to the space just above the break in the dam and use the Log. Just use the same strategy as the first time to make your way north, and have a character use the Log there. No problem. Once you've finished off all the enemies, just waltz up to the dam and use the Log, which will stop the flood in Tungal. Now return there.

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