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Essential Essencia

Talk to Duval, and you'll find out that he's a stalker... and more importantly, he'll tell you to go north to Bajjat.
In Bajjat, there's not much to do... just an inn. Oh well, use it to heal yourself up, then head to the cave north of town. Some crazy old man there will talk about some chosen one and some Crystal. He'll dig for a while, and discover that you're not the right guy for the Crystal, but that that guy is somewhere in the town.
You can bring Rolan to see the guy too, but Hans is the guy you want. He's in the SW house, being molested by some old men. Go fetch him and get yourself the Crystal, which you might as well equip on Hans.
Talk to Duval again, and he'll join your party. Yay!
This is a mazeish place, but it's not too bad. With one exception, there are no enemies here. To advance, from the beginning, drop down the left hole. At this point, if you go down the hole on the right, you'll have to fight some Jarks, which can be defeated easily from a distance with magic, or you can use Strim to return to Duval's house. Instead, drop down the lower-left hole. Climb up until you reach three adjacent holes, and drop down the far-left hole. Then drop down the hole to the left. Keep advancing until you reach more holes (you should be at the southern end of the first room), and go down the hole to the right.
At this point, you can continue on the path to the exit, or drop down this hole to find a treasure chest and a store. The store has awesome stuff like Cyclone Swords, and the chest has an XCutter!
When you exit the tunnel, the only place you can go to is a cave, so go there. The guard will let you in when she finds out about your awesome allies.
The lower-right corner of the cave has some treasure. Feel free to help yourself for some nice weapons!
In the northern part of the cave, talk to Lydia. Agree to help her, and she'll give you a disguise to help you break into Essencia.
In the overworld, USE the disguise to turn yourself into a green NPC. Then talk to the guard at Essencia. Answer no to both of his questions to get in.
Talk to this slave in the lower-right part of town to advance the plot. I guess some sort of crystal is inhibiting magic or something, and you're gonna steal it.
At night, you'll be told to inform your allies of the plan. So talk to everybody in the building, until you find Duval, Hans and Rolan. Then talk to the slave at the entrance again. Outside, it's just like Metal Gear, only super easy! Just follow the path and you'll make it through. In fact, I don't think you can mess up even if you try. When you leave, it's time to battle.

17th Battle

Biggsley x3
Jark x3
Infinite Raptors (spawning from Essencia)

Flies; Can Attack from 4 spaces away; Can drain one character's HP
Biggsley 79 0 43 33 57 122
Raptor 57 0 41 20 57 154
Flies; Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away.
Jark 69 0 37 41 47 94
Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away.

There's a lot of empty space in this battle, but don't worry about it. All you have to do is retake Essencia, meaning you need to get the Hero to land on Essencia, as if you were re-entering any other town during battle. If you picked up some Cyclone swords from the cave-maze's shop, this is easy. Hell, it's easy anyway. Use your best multi-attacks to clear a path to town. Two Raptors appear each round, but they're easily downed. You shouldn't have any trouble here.


After reclaiming Essencia, talk to Lydia in a building in the eastern part of town. She'll tell you to reclaim the Amethyst. And return. And to do that, you need to defeat the Sand Worm. Return to the battlefield to the west again.

17th Battle (Part 2)

Sand Worm x1
Baby Worms (Spawn infinitely)

Baby Worm 37 0 49 37 37 74
Comes in groups of 3, all of which must be defeated
Sandworm 120 0 61 57 57 114
Attacks all on screen characters by shaking the ground; Spawns Baby Worms

This is fought on the same battlefield as the last battle, except this time you have your armies at your disposal, and your only enemy is the Sand Worm in the middle of the desert. The Sand Worm spawns Baby Worms, but they fall easily. They come in groups of three that must be defeated in order, however. The Sand Worm itself attacks all on-screen characters with a quake attack, but Hospis easily heals you. Swarm the Sand Worm and kill it as quickly as possible and this battle is cake. Your next destination is the Sand Worm itself... enter it just like you would a town.

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