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You and What Jarmy?

Jarmy is a town full of soldiers and whatnot. First thing, like always, revive and heal your troops. You can buy some new equipment here, particularly for your magicians. The most interesting weapon is the Bowgun, which will damage all enemies in a line... it's a nice upgrade from a regular bow, although it can't attack diagonally like a boomerang.
Your goal here is to meet with Duval, some type of army dude. It's just too bad he lives outside the town, and only Heniamul knows where he lives. But Heniamul, who lives in the house in the northwest corner of town, won't tell you just yet. Go to the southwest-most building and talk to this girl first.
After talking to the girl, go to Haniamul's house, and talk to him. He's a bit greedy, so he won't help you unless you fork over a total of 180 G. That should be chump change, so give it to him, and he'll agree to lead you to Duval. Enter the town via the south exit to continue.

16th Battle

Python x8
Stirge x4
Biggsley x11
Monster Den (Phaun) x2
Monster Den (Jark) x4

Python 59 0 41 20 20 50
Stirge 57 0 38 20 45 114
Flies; Can Attack from 4 spaces away; Can drain one character's HP
Biggsley 79 0 43 33 57 122
Phaun 41 37 12 18 47 94
Casts Toromar; Casts Krunas
Jark 69 0 37 41 47 94
Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away.

This battle involves you following Heniamul as he (slowly) leads you to Duval's hideout. However, you'll probably end up clearing out the enemies yourself, so you can almost forget about him. This battle doesn't seem difficult, and it's not, except that the four southern dens ALL spawn Jarks, which is very, very bad.

First, you'll want to send an army to the northern Dens to unarm them before they spawn some Phauns. If you're quick, they will be unarmed before any spawn. Clear out the enemies surrounding those dens too, and have your other armies head south. So far so good, right?

When the Jarks start spawning, things get much, much more difficult. This is where your multi-attack spells come in handy, since Jark's have such high defense. Also, obviously, try to unarm the dens ASAP. And make sure no one character gets too far ahead of everyone else, otherwise the Jarks will team up on him or her, and chances are, they won't survive the round. Once you clear out the enemies, you'll be shown to Duval's place.

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