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Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

This battle starts immediately after leaving the monster base after defeating Philoxra. Just be sure to rest in the Inn there before entering this battle.

10th Battle

Skeleton x3
CragCrab x2
Falconer x2
Crawler x11
Monster Den (Falconer) x2
Monster Den (Jark) x2

Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40
CragCrab 57 0 25 31 20 50
Falconer 53 0 25 15 47 70
Can Attack Diagonally from up to 6 spaces away
Crawler 47 0 27 39 37 82
Can roll 7 spaces in a single direction, damaging all characters it touches.
Jark 69 0 37 41 47 94
Can attack diagonally from up to 8 spaces away.

The key to this battle is understanding the movement of the Crawlers... But first, you'll want to take care of the two monster dens near the center of the battlefield. The way there is blocked by a bunch of monsters... Well, the Crawlers to the north won't bother you until you bother them, so take all three of your armies to fight the enemies to the left.

With all your firepower, the group of enemies shouldn't stand a chance. Now, send just one of armies to clsoe off the monster dens before the release too many Falconers. The other two armies should approach the group of Crawlers. But don't get too close. Before engaging all of them, you'll want the full support of all three armies, so try to just fight one of them at a time. Crawlers can only move to attack, and they can only move one direction per round. However, they can move up to 7 spaces in one turn, and can damage any character that standing in their way. If you put a character exactly 6 spaces away from a Crawler, it will roll down to attack... Now that it's isolated, feel free to wail away at it. This is the most effective way to pick away at the Crawlers while you're waiting for your third army to come back.

There are other little little things you can do to minimize damage taken. Since Crawlers have to roll THROUGH you to damage you, if you're backed against a wall, the Crawlers can't damage that character. But you should be more than powerful enough to take them all out. I've never actually seen any enemies come out of the other two Dens, so don't worry about them. Even if monsters did come out of them, it'd be easier to just go to the next town, ending the battle, than going down to disarm the Dens.


Welcome to Susandna, town of OLD PEOPLE. I mean, these people are so old, when God said "let there be light", they were the ones who flipped the switch. I mean, I asked these people to act their age, and they all dropped dead. Don't get me started, they're so old one of them went to an Antique Auction, and three people bid on her! They're so old...oh the walkthrough, right. Revive dead characters, sleep at the inn, etc.
Enter the building in the lower-left part of town. Talk to the fossils here to learn about the Mark of Winga. Seems the town elder has it...
Go west and into the Elder's house. He won't give you the Mark of Winga unless you help them draw water from the well south of town. Agree to help him, and you'll be thrust into another battle.

10th Battle (Part 2)

In this battle, you'll be completely on the defensive at all times. There will be five Pythons and five Crawlers in front of the two Monster Dens near town, which now WILL be active, releasing Jarks. All you need to do is last 5 rounds, while the 3 Fogeys are busy at the well. You don't want them to be killed off, so keep your army surrounding them at all times, and just wait for the enemies to come to you. MAGIC IS YOUR FRIEND. Keep your party healed to avoid heavy casualties. Once the Jarks start spawning, you'll probably face some casualties too, but just do your best to minimize them. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to send one or two characters down to try and unarm the Monster Dens, but keep most of your army protecting the Fogeys. After five rounds are up, have your Hero cast Strim and get back to Susandna.

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