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Hide and Seek

After your battle, head into the building in the northwest corner of the battlefield. This is actually the monster's base, and the priestesses are being held here. Also, you'll find Rolan. Go back to the town you just passed, Irondell, with him.
If only you had the Emerald Rod you'd stand a chance... Hmmmm, I wonder if that means you'll get the Emerald Rod soon? Anywho, take of your dead characters and sleep at the Inn.
Talk to this little boy in the center of town, and he'll tell you that one of this town's punk kids has the Emerald Rod. Looks like you'll have to find him.
Head into the plaza north of town. There will be three little boys here. Talk to them all, and they'll hide throughout the town... and you'll have to find them.
The first boy's hidden in the northwest corner of town. You'll need to talk to him twice to "find" him. Also, inside this building, you can go inside and talk to a man for a weird and seemingly pointless scene.
The second boy is hiding behind Orlof's fat ass. Orlof is in the eastern part of town. The third boy is found inside the house in the southwestern part of town. After finding all three, they'll tell you that Martel is in the Tool Shop.
Go into the Tool Shop, and you can find Martel on the second floor. When you do, Rolan will lay the smack down, and Martel won't be able to do anything but cry... Just leave the building and Karen will get him to talk.
Now all you'll have to do is talk to the little boy inside the Hospital and the Emerald Rod will be yours, meaning that Rolan will FINALLY be able to use magic. Now return to the monster base.

9th Battle

This "battle" is actually divided into 3 mini-battles. Also, your armies won't be able to help you out, so it'll just be the Hero, Orlof and Rolan fighting it out. Also, after each mini-battle, you can leave and heal up in Irondell, so don't be hesitant to use up all your MP.

Part 1

Skeleton x3
Falconer x1
Python x2
Biggsley x1

This battle's as simple as it gets. Move your generals north a bit, and the Skeletons will come down and attack. Don't move until you've taken care of them (use magic to speed up the process if you'd like). Heal up with Horma. Now move up a bit, and the Pythons will attack, and so will the Falconer. The Falconer hides behind the Biggsley, so you'll probably want to use some magic. Rolan's Krunas works well for this, and the other two guys should use Gesarch. When there's nothing but the Biggsley left, just use magic to take it out from a distance. Now return to Irondell, sleep at the Inn, then come back and go to the next floor.

Part 2

Skeleton x3
Falconer x1
Python x2
Skaerie x1

Everything's much more cramped this time around. The Falconer and Pythons won't attack you unless you approach them, but the Skeletons will come at you, so you might want to stick back and attack the Skeletons as they come at you, then go for the other enemies. Complicating matters is the Skaerie, which will be stealing your MP... so you might as well use as much of it as you can before she takes it all. Hopefully you have some Herb2s to heal your wounds if needed after your MP is gone. If you do, this battle's not so bad. Afterward, heal up and return (a guy will actually set up an inn here... or you can return to Irondell).

Part 3

Philoxra x1

Oooh! A boss battle! This is actually pretty easy. However, the ONLY thing that can harm him is Krunas, so don't bother attacking with the Hero or Orlof... they shouldn't do anything but heal, and Rolan should do NOTHING but cast Krunas over and over. You should also spread your characters out as much as possible so that Burlaiz can only hit one character at a time. As long as you keep healing every round, this is a pretty easy battle.

Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40
Falconer 53 0 25 15 47 70
Can Attack Diagonally from up to 6 spaces away
Skaerie 47 25 25 20 37 78
Flies, Casts Toromar; Can Attack from 4 spaces away; Casts Macuum
Python 59 0 41 20 20 50
Biggsley 79 0 43 33 57 122
Philoxra 207 167 61 555 167 442
Can move again after attacking; Casts Gesarch; Casts Burlaiz; Can only be harmed by Ice Magic.

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