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The Undersea Tunnel

Welcome to Darbia! The first thing you'll notice about this town is that it seems HUGE with gargantuan buildings strewn throughout. But it's not really any bigger than your average town. The first thing, like always, should be to heal up and buy equipment. Lead Shields are nice, and by this point, all your Fighters should at least have Copper Spears (Iron Swords are stronger, but are more expensive, and lack the range of the Spears). Iron Bows are nice, but you might prefer the versatility of the Boomerangs still.
Your mission in this town is to access the Undersea Tunnel in the southwest corner. You can't do this without Mr. Borne's permission. He can be found on the top floor of the building closest to the tunnel. Go up and talk to him, and he'll basically tell you to fuck off. Now, go and talk to Orlof, who is standing near Borne's building, then talk to Borne again. Looks like he had a change of heart...
Talk to the tunnel's guard now to access the tunnel. If you feel malicious, keep talking to him (from the right side) and see what happens...
Seems trouble's a-brewin'. Talk to this child and Rolan will freak out and run off... and out of your party, taking his army with him. But at least he pushed some injured dude blocking the tunnel's exit out of your way.
Lutom's been sacked by the monsters! They'll pay for this... probably! Exit the town and get ready for your next battle.

8th Battle

Trent x1
Skeleton x6
CragCrab x3
Falconer x2
Python x6
Monster Den (Skeleton) x1
Monster Den (Falconer) x1

Trent 35 12 10 10 6 32
Casts Toromar
Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40
CragCrab 57 0 25 31 20 50
Falconer 53 0 25 15 47 70
Can Attack Diagonally from up to 6 spaces away
Python 59 0 41 20 20 50

This battle wouldn't be so bad, except you're without the services of Rolan... The thing that complicates matters is the two Monster Dens... the one to the north releases Skeletons, and the one on the island releases Falconers. Neither will release enemies for a while, but you should still take care of them as soon as possible.

Send one of your armies south toward the island. The other army should stay close, but never actually cross the bridge. The army designated to take out the den will be doing most of the fighting of the enemies in the way. In the meantime, the enemies from the north will be coming down to attack you. This should be the other army's priority. After clearing out the monsters, have the southern army cross over the bridges, and have the other army hold their ground.

Eventually, Skeletons will start coming out of the northern den. The army holding its ground should be picking these guys off as they come, so they don't accumulate into numbers that you can't handle. When the southern den is unarmed, have the two armies join together and attack the remaining enemies. At this point, the battle's pretty easy. Your destination should be the "town" in the far-left corner of the battlefield, not the town along the way.

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