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40 Enix Days and 40 Enix Nights

Not much to do in Milton. If you want to learn a bit more storyline stuff, go to the bar and talk to Orlof and Rolan.
And, of course, there is the Inn, Hospital and Shop here too. But first, in the southeastern portion of town (by the hospital), search this spot to find the Pass to Enix Nights? What is Enix Nights you ask? Search the well in the lower-right corner to find out! There's not much you can do here now, but you should hold onto your Pass for later. Also, with your Pass, Inn prices are reduced! Yay!
Alright, now revive any dead characters at the hospital and sleep at the inn. Now visit the Armor shop. The Protect Robe and Copper Armor are both useful. Buy as many as both as you need (and can afford). Then head out of town to the next battle.

7th Battle

Trent x3
Skeleton x17
Falconer x3

Trent 35 12 10 10 6 32
Casts Toromar
Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40
Falconer 53 0 25 15 47 70
Can Attack Diagonally from up to 6 spaces away

This battle's a bit different than the rest of your battles. Instead of being concentrated in small groups, all the enemies in this battle are spread out. Plus, there are an absolute ton of Skeletons! Luckily, there are no monster dens to worry about, or else this battle would really be difficult.

Whether you like it or not, all the enemies will rush you right at the start of battle, so just sit tight and wait for them. Because of this, this battle's not so much a test of skill as it is a test of brute strength. Keep all three of your armies together so the enemies will have a more difficult time isolating individual characters. What you'll have to do is pick apart the enemy army, one enemy at a time. Try to concentrate on a single enemy at a time, so that they die off more quickly. Also, multi-targeting spells like Gesarch and Hospis are helpful, since everybody's packed in such a tight space. This battle's actually a lot easier than what you're used to, so if you shouldn't have much trouble.

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