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Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll!

Gratska is the hedonistic capital of Just Breed. There are drunks all over the place, and several bars around town. By talking to the people at the bars (and breaking up the fight in the southwestern bar), you'll learn about a harem to the north. Perhaps this harem is where the priestesses are? Also, on the western edge of town, you can visit a prostitute. Pretty cheap too, she charges either 5, 8, or 12 G, depending on where you grab her. o_O
Shopping time! The best buys here are the Copper Spears and Wooden Boomerangs. Boomerangs are nice because they allow your archers to attack diagonally and have a range of 6 spaces, and Copper Spears are much better than Copper Swords or Blunt Spears. Glass Staves are pretty cheap, so you might want to buy one for Isaac and Karen, especially since Glass Staves have a range of 2, and can attack diagonally. Buy as many as you can comfortably afford (but no more than you need). Then sleep at the inn, of course, restock your herb supply, of course, and head out of town via the northern exit.

6th Battle

Skeleton x6
CragCrab x2
Falconer x2
Skaeri x1
Den (Beetler) x1
Den (Slime) x10
Den (Skeleton) x5

Beetler 16 0 16 10 6 16
Slime 31 0 20 8 10 24
Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40
CragCrab 57 0 25 31 20 50
Falconer 53 0 25 15 47 70
Can Attack Diagonally from up to 6 spaces away
Skaerie 47 25 25 20 37 78
Flies, Casts Toromar; Casts Macuum; Can Attack from 4 spaces away

Your destination here is the mansion to the north of Gratska. This battle seems simple enough... not many enemies, just a group of Skeletons guarding the mansion. But the monster dens will prove to be difficult, especially since some of them release Skeletons(!).

You'll want to take one army along the left path northward (cross the bridge near town), and the other army along the right path. If you don't do this, you won't be able to unarm all the dens. You'll need to make your way up with each army, fighting off the Slimes and Skeletons. When you have the chance to close off a den, do it! The sooner the dens are unarmed, the less enemies will be swarming the screen.

Ideally, you'll want both armies to reach the group of skeletons at the same time, so they will split their forces among the two armies. This will help prevent the skeletons from ganging up on individual characters. When you have the chance, move your Hero to the mansion and end the battle.


You made it to the harem. Yay! But are the priestesses here?
To advance the plot, go upstairs and go into the northeastern room. You'll find out that Orlof is actually a pretty good guy, and he'll join your party. Then his house will burn down. You'll want to return to Gratska now... you can either use Strim to warp yourself back, or fight your way back. Fighting back isn't too hard with Orlaf's help, but Strim is obviously quicker. If you do decide to fight your way back, keep in mind that the two southern dens near town will spew out Skeletons on your return journey, so things can get very hairy very quickly.

6th Battle (Part 2)

Now you need to battle your way from Gratska to Milton, in the west. This time, almost all the enemies you'll be facing will be from the monster dens, so you'll want to unarm them when possible. Until you reach the bridge that leads north to Milton. Some Skeletons will spawn from the northern dens near Orlaf's mansion, but DON'T GO NORTH TO UNARM THEM. Only a few will spawn, and if you send an entire army up there, the rest of your forces will be in trouble. Just ignore those Skeletons until they make their way to you, then defeat them.

When you're ready to make your way to Milton, send two armies along the eastern route, and one along the western route, since the eastern route has more dens. When you attack the Falconers, CragCrabs and the Skaeri, make sure all three of your armies are ready and attack them at the same time. You should be able to take care of them easily because of your sheer numbers.

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