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Mmmmmmm... Steamed Hams!

The first thing you should do in Albany is realize that you're not in New York. Once you've gotten that figured out, head to the right and go into the "building", which is actually the hospital. Here's where Rolan and his troops are, since they're stupid and injured. Talk to him and his army will join you. Yay.
Now to go shopping. The door surrounded by the signs is the shop. Downstairs is the inn. You'll want to buy a Silk Robe for Isaac, and possibly some Bucklers. Buy at least two Bucklers and give them to your Hero and Rolan. And, of course, stock up on Herbs. If your Hero has learned Strim, don't worry about Books of Strim. When you're all set, head out the northern exit and to your next battle.

5th Battle

Shmealth x6
Escargak x7
Trent x2
Skeleton x3
Den (Trent) x1
Den (Beetler) x3
Den (Slime) x4

Beetler 16 0 16 10 6 16
Shmealth 18 4 12 12 8 24
Casts Burnas
Escargak 33 0 14 16 8 30
Trent 35 12 10 10 6 32
Casts Toromar
Slime 31 0 20 8 10 24
Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40

Yay! A new army to control! Rolan's army controls just like the Hero's. Rolan himself cannot use any magic right now, but he's a physical powerhouse. Nobody hits harder than him, so use him accordingly. He has two archers and two fighters just like the Hero, and instead of an offensive mage like Isaac, he has Karen, who is an excellent healer. Keep in mind that no members from an army can be more than a screen away from their general (either Hero or Rolan).

This battle seems easy enough, until you notice all the monster dens. If you don't plan your moves carefully right at the beginning, you could end up being in big trouble later on. To disarm the monster dens on the eastern part of the map, you'll need to send somebody across the bridge in the northeast. The problem is, if you want to make it all the way to the south to unarm the southern dens, you'll need to send an entire army over there. This is unsatisfactory because you'll need all the help you can get fighting the enemies along the central path. You can send just one or two people along the eastern path, but they'll only be able to reach the northern-most den, which releases Trents.

Decide who you want to go along the eastern path, then make your way down the central path with everybody else. Don't forget to unarm the dens along the central trap. If you don't, you'll be ambushed by Beetlers from the top two, and Slimes from the bottom two. If you only sent one or two people along the eastern path, you should be able to clear a path through the enemies on sheer numbers alone. The Skeletons are worrysome, but with Hero and Karen healing, and a healthy supply of Herbs, you should be able to keep yourself healed. If you sent an entire army along the eastern path, you'll have much more trouble with the enemies. It's recommended that if you take any army along the eastern path, you take the Hero's, since the Hero, Isaac, and the archers can help the other army.

If you only sent one or two people along the eastern path, you should be able to defeat all the Shmealths, Skeletons and Escargaks without much trouble. However, by the time you're done, Slimes and Beetlers will pour out of the southern dens along the eastern path. You won't be able to unarm them, so just make a mad dash to the next town. If you sent an entire army, obviously, you can unarm these dens and completely wipe out the enemies rather easily.

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