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Trouble in Segartea

You're now in Segartea. Looks like there's trouble a-brewin'.
You'll actually have to advance the plot here. To do so, enter this house toward the center of town. Go upstairs and meet Rolan.
Afterward, visit the Inn/Hospital and revive/heal your troops. Then go shopping. Be sure to re-stock your Herb supply. There are LifeHerbs and CureHerbs too, but regular Herbs should be your priority. Then visit the armory. They don't sell any new armor here, but you can buy Copper Bows. I recommend you do so for both archers.
Time to go. Leave town via the southern exit. You won't be allowed to leave unless you already met Rolen, but you already have, so get ready to battle!

4th Battle

Garmanii x11
Pyon x3
Shmealth x3
Escargak x3
Trent x2
Skeleton x1
Den (Stinger) x4
Den (Beetler) x4

Stinger 10 0 9 3 3 10
Garmanii 11 0 11 7 5 20
Can attack from 3 spaces away.
Pyon 10 0 16 4 5 18
Can move again after attacking.
Beetler 16 0 16 10 6 16
Shmealth 18 4 12 12 8 24
Casts Burnas
Escargak 33 0 14 16 8 30
Trent 35 12 10 10 6 32
Casts Toromar
Skeleton 49 0 27 16 12 40

This battle begins with a cutscene. If you pay attention, you should have a pretty good idea of where you want to go. Yes, the house to the east is your destination. If you look at the map, you can see that if you go directly there, you can bypass some of the southern enemies completely, which makes this battle pretty easy.

You'll start out by engaging some Germanii. These shouldn't pose much of a problem to you at this point. Go toward the first bridge, and you'll have plenty of enemies to defeat. Nothing new here, so you shouldn't have too much trouble. If you bought Copper Bows for your archers, it's even easier, since you they have a range of up to 4 spaces, giving your party much more versatility.

As you approach the house, you'll have to fight through one more group of enemies. There will probably be a swarm of Stingers here from the Dens, but they're just a minor nuisance now. The Trent can cast Toromar, which can put you to sleep, so it can be annoying. If you have CureHerbs, you can awaken sleeping characters. But other than that, you shouldn't have any trouble. When the path is clear, move your Hero ontop of the house and end your turn to go inside.


Inside the house, you'll find out who the girl was. It's Karen! Talk to her after she wakes up a couple times, and she'll request you to take her back to Sergartea. You can either fight your way back or use a Book of Strim. If you fight, it's slightly different and easier than the trip there was, since Karen can cast Horma. There will be Beetlers harassing you on the return journey, though, and Karen controls as a second army (with one member), so, it may be a good idea to practice by returning by foot. Also, if you decide to battle, you can completely kill off all the enemies on the map, then walk to Albany in the south. Karen won't let you enter, but you can use a Book of Strim later to return to Albany in a flash.
Back in Sergartea, return to the same house where you originally met Rolan. Talk to Karen again, and she'll agree to join up with you to help search for Rolan. Now head back through the exit south of town to battle once more.

4th Battle (Part 2)

This is almost identical to the battle you had to reach the Woodsman's House, but this time, there are no enemies near the house, since your goal is to head south to Albany, not east. If you've already been to Albany, you can use a Book of Strim to bypass this battle. With Karen healing you, this battle should be even easier. The Skeleton can be is the toughest enemy in the game to this point, but there's only one, so overall, this battle shouldn't be too much trouble. The Beetlers and Stingers pour from the Dens constantly, though, and you won't be able to unarm the Dens until later, so it's easy to be overwhelmed, but just keep your HP up with Herbs and Horma and you'll be fine.

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