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Before we begin

Since this game consists mainly of walking to one dungeon, completing it, going to the next dungeon, etc., this walkthrough will be short and to the point. Instead of attempting to give out confusing directions to all y'all, I'll just link you to the corresponding map when you reach a dungeon, and I'll let you explore the dungeon as you see fit.

In the beginning...

After the introduction you'll find yourself at this cave. Use your wood key to get through the first door, grab the chest, go through the next door, and walk on the bridge.

Bath: The First Fairy Spring

You'll find yourself at a Fairy Spring where you can save your game and restore your Courage and Dream. Do so and head west to the Cave of the Giants.

Cave of the Giants: Take One

Take a quick look at the map. See that treasure chest with the Fragment of Hope? Get it and get out. There's nothing else you can do here. Make a quick stop to heal at Bath, then head north to the town of Bread.

Bread: The Unfortunately Named Town.

You'll probably want to do some fundraising to buy stuff, so fight some enemies. Once you can afford it, buy yourself a club, which will make fighting enemies easier. Then save up for 3 loaves of bread. Give them to the woman who wants them (in the NW section of town), and she'll give you a letter. Then stock up on Bread, Tears, and a BlueRing, and head southwest to the Goblin's Cave.

Gone Goblin Hunting

Take a gander at Goblin Cave. Seek out the treasures and fight the Goblin. You'll win yourself the Stardust. You may now return to the Cave of Giants.

Cave of Giants: Take Two

Look familiar? This time head to the dais and use the Stardust there. Now continue to the exit. Then go south to the mushroom that is the town of Davis.

Welcome to Davis

One of the red mage wannabes is the son of the woman in Bread. Give him the letter and he'll give you the B-Dagger. Go to Bread to stock up on bread (if your supply is dwindling), then head west of Davis. You'll see the Dog's Cave, but don't enter it. Head south to Fon's Cave.

Fon's Cave? Who's Fon?

Here's yer map to Fon's Cave. Grab the treasures and get the hell outta dodge. It would be wise to grab the Fragment of Hope last, however. When you're done there, head south of Davis to the Werewolf Castle.

Hey! I Thought This Was Werewolf CASTLE!

Take a look here. Doesn't look like a castle, does it? Either way, grab the treasure here, especially the Dog's Eye. Remember Dog's Cave, the one you passed by earlier? Now you can head there.

Roll Over! You Made It To Dog's Cave!

Here's Dog's Cave. With the Dog's Eye, you can make it past the Dog Statue. Grab the Fragment of Hope and Horn and head west, then south. You'll see a rock (that's sorta shaped like a tombstone). Use the Horn here to destroy it. Heading west will lead you to the town of Pixie.

Pixies, Pixies, Everywhere...

Not much to do here but talk to do so. Then head south to Slug's Cave.

Anyone Got Any Salt?

Here we are at Slug's Cave. Collect the treasure, like always, and defeat the Hugeslug, which will allow you to summon him in the future. Now leave, cross the bridge near Pixie, and head north to Ranya Tower.

Yes, There's A Town Here

Welcome to the first tower of the game. Oh you want to see the map? Why didn't you say so? Clicka. Collect the treasure (especially the WaterJug) on the way to the top, and listen to the poor girl who lost her MusicBox along the way. At the top is a town. Stock up on Bread again, and be sure to buy the S-Sword (the Whip isn't a good deal, as its weaker). Now leave the tower and begin going Northeast. You'll reach a Fairy Spring.

Fairy: The Most Aptly Named Fairy Spring

It's a Fairy Spring. Save. Head west to the Lake of paradise.

Looks Suspiciously Like A Cave To Me...

Does this look like a "lake" to you? Either way, grab the Fragment of Hope and the Water and leave. Go to Fairy, then head south, cross the bridge, go west, then North. If you see two stumps on opposing sides of a river, you're in the right place, as that's the North Cave, but don't enter it yet. Go soutwest to reach Witch's Forest.

The Witch Owns The Whole Forest?

Stumps transport you around here, so check the map so you won't lose your way. Search the ground under the southwest stump for the missing Musicbox from the girl in Ranya Tower. You can return it to her if you want to, but you don't have to. Make it to the Witch and talk to her. Refuse her first offer and accept her second. You'll lose your Horn, but you'll get 20 Rubies and the Brooms, so you can transport yourself to any Fairy Spring you've visited. Now leave and head to the North Cave.

A Rainbow Of Colors In Every Bite!

If you have the water, give it to the Rainbow Child and cross the Rainbow. Pretty, huh? Make it to the exit and head north to Mia.

Oooh! Another Fairy Spring!

While you're here, you might as well talk to the wingless Pixie (and laugh silently...). Now go west to the Howling Cave.

You'll Have A Howling Good Time!

Finally, you've arrived at the coveted Howling Cave. Collect the Rockwing first, then everything else. Now go southeast of Mia to Kapi's Tower.

Kapi, Kapi, Kapi!

Yep, Kapi's Tower. Grab the bread if you'd like, and talk to the witch for the P-Wings (if you talked to the wingless pixie). Now go to the town, take note that there's nothing interesting there, and go back to Mia and give the pixie her wings back. Now warp to Bath and go north to Bread. Talk to the man in the northeast corner and hand over 300 Rubies to go to the Evil King.

Hardest. Boss. Ever.

Don't be scared, this upcoming boss isn't hard, hell, he's just a regular enemy posing as a boss. Either way, here's Batoth Castle. Kill the Hob, grab the OldCrown, and leave. Now take a boat ride to Alko.

Doesn't Look Red To Me...

Ah, the first of 3 pyramids.. This place is easily navigated. The Arrow is a powerful weapon, and Fragments of Hope are always welcome. Grab 'em and go to Bread, where you can proceed to take a boat to Mods.

It's A Cave On Mod's Island...Isn't That Special?

Welcome to Mod's Island Cave. Grab the Crystal, then the Fragment of Hope, then leave. Northeast of Kapi's Tower is the King's Cave. Go there.

Introducing...The King!

See the layout of King's Cave? Take the southern route to grab the Fragment of Hope, then give the dead king his OldCrown, and go to the exit. Go southeast to the desert and then east to the Fairy Spring Ratal.

Such A Convenient Location!

Do your Fairy Spring thing, then go west to Spirit's Tower.

Enjoy Your Next Tower. It'll Be Your Last.

Here it is, the game's last tower. Grab the stuff, climb the tower. Talk to the people. Now leave. North of Ratal is another pyramid.

Pyramid #2

Welcome to another pyramid. Lotsa treasure here. If possible, grab the Magicaxe before the Fragment of Hope, and don't forget to get the Iceshoes. Now leave and go north of Ratal to the Fire Cave.

Man, It's Gettin' Hot, Hot, Hot...

Looks pretty fiery, doesn't it? With the Iceshoes, though, you'll have nothing to fear. Make it to the exit, grabbing the treasure along the way. Now go north to Statue's Cave.

Statue's Cave: Home Of The Statue

Look at Statue's Cave. Pretty intimidating, huh? You can spelunk this one yourself. Grab the treasure (especially the statue) and leave. Go south of Spirit's Tower and you'll see the Valley Cave, don't enter it. First go east to Batasa's Forest (it's a stump, you can't miss it).

A Forest Of Solitude

There's a witch here that wants you to deliver her friend a pair of Glasses, so do so. Also, be sure and buy the L-Sword and the Aurora before leaving.

We Be Rockin' In Kali In Da Valley

Here's Valley Cave. When you reach the Dragon, use the Statue to defeat it. Now go to the exit, and head east to Tanya.

It's Another Fairy Spring. And The Peasants Rejoiced

Heal and save. Now we COULD go to some more dungeons, but I bet you want a better weapon first, huh? If you do, go east of the mountains then south to Thea, another Fairy Spring.

You Know What To Do

After you're done at Thea, go east to the town of Orange Moon.

Where Do They Come Up With These Names?

In the center of town is a palm tree path. Search in the middle of the path for the Doll. You should return it to the girl in Spirit's Tower for the F-Sword. Although it's not the most powerful weapon in the game, the F-Sword attacks all enemies in a battle at once, so it's very handy to have in your inventory. But, while we're in Orange Moon, we might as well buy the game's most powerful weapon. Go to the shop and get the Whip. It's different from the whip you didn't buy before. Although it only attacks one enemy at a time, it has the highest attack value of any weapon in the game. After returning to Spirit's Tower and getting the F-Sword, go back to Tanya, then south to the first cave you find, Silver Mountain Cave.

It's Silvery And In The Mountains!

You've arrived at Silver Mountain Cave. Collect all the stuff, leaving the Fragment of Hope for last, and leave. Head south to the Eastern Lake

Mmmmm, Lakey...

You've made it to the second lake. Make your way to the Hugefrog and defeat him. You'll now be able to summon him. Now collect all the treasures, leave and warp to Thea. Head to the far east to make it to Snake's Cave.

Don't Worry, There's Only One Snake...

Collect all the treasures at Snake's Cave. When you have to do battle with the Hydra, summon Hugeslug, then Hugefrog, or you'll never beat him. After getting everything (especially the Klein Jug), you may leave. Northeast of Thea is the Cave to the Gate of Evil, your next destination.

It's A Cave And A Gate To Evil All In One!

It's scary, it's the Cave to the Gate of Evil! Your most important task here is to use the KleinJug at the dais to drain the lake outside, allowing you access to the White Pyramid. Do so, grab the treasures and leave. Head north to the White Pyramid, the final area.

And It All Comes Down To This...

Ack! This place is so confusing! Luckily, you have a map to help you out. Anyway, collect the treasure if you want, make your way to the top, and slay the W. Lion. To help you out in your battle, remember to use Aurora at the start, and summon all the spirits you can. I won't spoil the ending for you. Enjoy.

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