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I've made cute little maps of every major area of Legend of the Ghost Lion, so you should probably sit back, kick your feet up and check them out, because they took a lot of effort to do (well, most of them...), not to mention they're invaluable...

Note that on the maps the entrance (and exit if applicable) to each dungeon is labeled with a "0". Treasure chests and other noteworthy points are labeled with numbers (there is a key on each page showing which number is which), and staircases are labeled with letters (there will be two letter A staircases, one leads to the other).

While most of the maps were made by yours truly, thanks go out to Tropicalsnowcone for making the game's World Map!

World Map

Intro Cave

Goblin's Cave

Cave of the Giants

Fon's Cave

Werewolf Castle

Dog's Cave

Slug's Cave

Ranya Tower

Lake of Paradise

Witch's Forest

North Cave

Howling Cave

Kapi's Tower

Baroth Castle

Red Pyramid

Mod's Island Cave

King's Cave

Spirit's Tower


Fire Cave

Statue's Cave

Valley Cave

Silver Mountain Cave

Eastern Lake

Snake's Cave

Cave to the Gate of Evil

White Pyramid

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