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Regular Items

Regular items can only be used once.

Bomb Reduces an enemy's Courage by about 30. Bought in Bread (30 Rubies)
Bread Restores 50 Courage. Bought in any store (20 Rubies); found in dungeons
Tears Restores 20 Dream. Bought in any store (100 Rubies)


Armor can be used an infinite number of times.

Bluering Use in battle to increase your defense. Bought in any store except Orange Moon (100 Rubies)
Aurora Use in battle to greatly increase your defense. Bought in Batasa's Forest and Orange Moon (9980 Rubies)


Weapons can be used an infinite number of times.
Weapons are listed in ascending order (weakest at top, strongest at bottom).

Dagger Found in Intro Cave
Club Bought in Bread (50 Rubies)
B-Dagger Feed the old woman in Bread 3 pieces of bread and deliver her letter to her son in Davis
Whip(1) Bought in any tower's town (1380 Rubies)
S-Sword Bought in any tower's town (470 Rubies)
Arrow Found in Red Pyramid
L-Sword Bought in Batasa's Forest and Orange Moon (3000 Rubies)
F-Sword* Find Spirit's Tower girl's doll in the path in Orange Moon, return it to her.
Whip(2) Bought in Orange Moon (6580 Rubies)

*The F-Sword attacks all enemies in the battle simultaneously.

Summoning Items

These items summon your Spirits for you.

Crystal Found in Mod's Island Cave. Summons Giant.
Frog Defeat the Hugefrog in Eastern Lake. Summons Hugefrog.
Goldrock Found in Silver Mountain Cave. Summons Gnome.
Lamp Found in the Intro Cave. Summons Twana.
Magicaxe Found in Pyramid Summons Dwarf
Rapier Found in Fon's Cave. Summons Elf.
Red Ring Found in Fon's Cave. Summons Halfling.
Rockwing Found in Howling Cave. Summons Wing Man.
S. Cup Found in Silver Mountain Cave. Summons Centaur.
Slug Defeat the Hugeslug in Slug's Cave. Summons Hugeslug.
Spear You start the game with this. Summons Moja.

Other Items

These items are one of a kind!

Brooms Trade the Horn for this in the Witch's Forest. Use outside to transport yourself to any previously visited Fairy Spring.
Dog's Eye Found in Werewolf Castle. Use it to remove the Dog Statue in Dog's Cave.
Doll Hidden between palm trees in Orange Moon. Return to girl in Spirit's Tower Town for the F-Sword.
Glasses Given to you by a witch in Batasa's Forest. Give to witch in Silver Mountain Cave for a hint.
Horn Found in Dog's Cave. Breaks rock in Werewolf Territory, trade for Brooms in Witch's Forest.
Iceshoes Found in Pyramid. Allows you to safely walk on lava.
Kleinjug Found in Snake's Cave. Eliminates lake near White Pyramid when used at the dais at Cave to the Gate of Evil.
Letter Give 3 pieces of bread to the woman in Bread. Give to woman's son in Davis for the B-Dagger.
Musicbox Hidden in Witch's Forest. Return to girl in Ranya Tower Town for a hint.
Oldcrown Defeat the Hob at Batoth Castle. Give to Batoth's king at King's Cave to advance.
P-Wings Talk to all Pixies in Mia, then talk to witch in Kapi's Tower. Give to the wingless pixie in Mia for a hint.
Rope Found in Slug's Cave. Use to tie up an enemy for the duration of battle.
Stardust Found in Goblin's Cave. Use at Cave of Giant's dais to advance.
Statue Found in Statue's Cave. Used to defeat the Dragon in Valley Cave.
Water Use Waterjug at pier in Paradise Lake. Give to Rainbow Child at North Cave to advance.
Waterjug Found in Ranya Tower. Use at pier in Paradise Lake to receive the Water.

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