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The Legend of the Ghost Lion

I'm not going to waste our time by telling you the legend. It will be told when you play the game!
I will tell you some of the oddities that make this game stand out from the crowd, and anything else you may want to know

Hope? Courage? Dreams?

Apparently, somebody was on LSD during the production of this game, and somehow the stats came out as Hope, Courage, and Dreams. For a brief explanation:

How do I equip stuff?

You don't. If you want to use a weapon, select it from the "Goods" option in battle. If you want to use armor, do the same thing (but beware, using armor will protect you for the duration of the battle, but it uses up a turn)

Why aren't I gaining experience points?

There are no experience points. You gain your levels (er...Hope) by collecting Fragments of Hope.

What's up with this battle system?

You find special items that will allow you to summon spirits in battle. Summoning a spirit is like gaining an ally until its power runs out. Some things to remember:
1. A spirits power is decreased by performing actions and getting hit. Attacking with a spirit costs 20 power points, and spells' costs vary
2. Spirits can be re-summoned after their power has been depleted
3. Spirits gain power as you do (when you collect Fragments of Hope, they gain power).
4. Some spirits use magic, some are defensive specialists (the higher their defense, the more likely they will nullify an enemy's attack) and some are power-oriented and attack.
5. Summoning a spirit uses up 1 turn, and some of your Dream (MP). The amount of Dream used up is dependent on how powerful the spirit is.

How do I save?

Talk to one of the faries at a Fairy Spring.

Where're all the inns?

There are none. Just visit a Fairy Spring.

How can I sell back my items I don't want?

You can't. Use them or throw them away.

Why do this game's graphics suck?

They just do. Deal with it.

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