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Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field

The game beings and you see a story of the Kokiri.
You then see a boy who has no fairy to call his own.
This is Link, the hero. He is haunted every night by
a terrible dream. Just then, the Great Deku Tree
summons Navi, a fairy to find Link.
Navi finds Link and explains that he must see the
Great Deku Tree. You then take control of Link.
Exit the house.
Once you exit, you see the Kokiri Forest. Then, a
young Kokiri runs and greets Link. This is Saria.
She says that she will wait for you to see the Deku
Tree. Go to the east side and talk with Mido (the
Kokiri blocking the path to the Deku Tree. He will
not let Link go by without a Sword and a Shield.
Well, problem one is solved quickly. In the southern
part of the Forest is a little Maze and the Kokiri
Sword. Make sure that once you get it, to equip it.
Exit the maze.
Hunt around the forest a bit until you build up 40
rupees. Then go to the Kokiri Shop and buy a Deku
Shield. Now you can go back to Mido. He will
finally let you through. Make sure you are equipped
and head through the path, watching out for Deku
Babas, and to the Great Deku Tree.
The Deku Tree will speak and say that he is cursed,
and that Link must break the curse with his
courage. He opens up and Link and Navi can now
enter the Deku Tree. Enter the Deku Tree.
Kill the Deku Babas and climb up the vines or the
ladder. Start walking around and you will reach a
chest with a Map inside of it. Take it. Keep going
around and you will reach a door, which Navi will
explain about.
When you enter the door, a Deku Scrub will show
up and attack by shooting Deku Nuts a Link. Press
the R button as it attacks to raise the shield and
deflect it back to him. If he is hit, he will run. Catch
him and he will give you a clue. The door will open.
Go and open the door.
You have to be quick here. Jump across onto the
platform and to the other side. Grab the Fairy
Slingshot. But now you have a problem. How do
you get out?
Turn around and you will see a ladder. Shoot the
ladder to knock it down. Jump down and climb the
ladder to exit the room. Now go back to where you
got the Map. Kill the Skulltulas with the Slingshot
and climb the vines to the top. Once you make it
safely there, ignore the Big Skulltulas and make your
way to the door.
Open the door and walk in. Press the button to make
the platforms rise. Jump onto each one of them
before the time runs out to the other side and pick
up the Compass. Once you have the compass, go
back across to where the button is. You will notice
that the door is barred. Take a Deku Stick and light
it up with the torch. Move over to the unlit torch and
light it up, thus removing the bars.
Go to the east side and kill the Big Skulltula. From
there, jump off, reaching for the heart. When you
get the heart, do not go forward any more, just
fall. You will go right through the web and to the
bottom levels.
Once at the bottom, make your way over to the
button. This will ignite a torch. Light up a Deku
Stick and run over to the web over on the other side
(remembering to jump onto the platform underwater,
not the water itself). Light the web up and it will burn
up, allowing you to pass through the door.
On the other side, you will meet another Deku
Scrub. Do the same thing to him and he will give
you the secret for entering the Queen's Lair. He says
the code is 231 'Twenty-three is number one' (must
be a Michael Jordan fan). Anyways, looks like you
are stuck again. No you aren't. Shoot the eye
switch and the door will open.
This next part is pretty tricky. Go to the left side of
the room. Underwater, there will be a button there.
Dive down and press the button. Quickly head to
solid ground and jump onto the floating platform. It
will move under the spiked log to the other side.
Jump to the other side. Kill the Big Skulltula and
go to the block. Follow Navi's instructions and pull
the block backwards. Climb up it and jump onto
the ledge and open the door. In the next room, light
the torches with the Deku Stick to open the other
Stay away from the middle circle. Moving into it will
cause Gohma Larvas to fall and attack. Light up the
Deku Stick and burn the webs. One web leads to a
dead end. Ignore this for now. The other one leads
back into the main room. Go there.
Ok, you have a block, a web, and a torch. How do
you solve this puzzle? Push the block over the edge.
Jump over to the torch, light a Deku Stick, jump
back onto the block, and burn the web. Jump down.
Once down, you will notice 3 Deku Scrubs.
Remember the code? 23 is #1? 231. Deflect a nut to
the middle Scrub first, then to the right one, then
to the left one. Catch the first one, and he will tell
the secret of Queen Gohma. He says to strike her
with your sword when she is stunned. Ok, so how
does that help? Anyways, heal up on any hearts and
enter Queen Gohma's Lair.
After you walk in, the door will shut from behind.
Walk up a bit and Gohma will fall from the ceiling.
This is not a real tough battle, although if this is your
first time playing it, it can be a bit hard. First off, get
close to her and hit her with a Deku Nut. This will
stun her. Then hit her with a Jumping Slash (2x
damage). She will retreat to the ceiling. Keep an
eye on her. Once she gets above you, step back a
bit and aim for her eye with the Slingshot. Hit her and
she will fall, stunned. A few jumping slashes and she
will die. Grab the Heart Container and take the
The portal will take Link outside the Deku Tree. He
will talk about a man in black armor, who put the
curse on him, the Triforce and then tells Link that
he must go to Hyrule Castle. Before the Deku Tree
dies, he gives Link the Kokiri Emerald. Head back
to the Forest. Link will run into Mido again. He
blames Link for the death of the Deku Tree. But
now, you are allowed to exit the town.
As Link is about to leave town, Saria finds him. She
talks about their friendship a bit and then gives Link
the Fairy Ocarina. Without saying a word, Link runs
off, leaving Saria.