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Game Name Picture Location What to do What to Win
Bombchu Bowling Hyrule Market Throw a Bombchu down the ally and hit the center of the target. Bigger Bomb Bag, Piece of Heart, Money, Bombchu, Bombs
Treasure Chest Game Hyrule Market Pick a treasure that has a Key to continue. Lose if you pick one with money Piece of Heart, Money
Shooting Gallary Hyrule Market (child), Kakariko Village (adult) Shoot the rupees with Slingshot or Bow Money, Bigger Seed Bag, Bigger Quiver
Cucco Finding Game Lon Lon Ranch Pick the 3 Super Cuccos to win Bottle with Milk,
free refill of Milk
Fishing Game Lake Hylia Try to catch the biggest Fish Money, Piece of a Heart, Golden Scale
Gravedigging Game Graveyard Pay Dampe to dig a grave to find treasure Money, Piece of a Heart
Diving Game Zora's Domain Dive for sunken rupees Silver Scale, Money
Horse Riding Game Lon Lon Ranch Jump over fences for 2 laps A cow at Link's Home in Kokiri Forest
Horseback Archery Gerudo's Fortress Score over 1000 or 1500 points to win Piece of a Heart or a Bigger Quiver