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Name of Item Picture Which Link What it does
Kokiri Sword Young The first sword of the game. Not very powerful. Power is 1.
Master Sword Adult The legendary sword that is the last key to the Triforce. Power is 2.
Giant's Knife Adult A Knife made by a Goron Blacksmith. Though powerful, it will break if used too much. It requires both hands to use because of its length. Power is 4.
Biggoron Sword Adult Exactly like the Giant's Knife, but this will NOT break. Power is 4.
Deku Shield Young The lightest shield that young Link can use. But it can burn up easily
Hylian Shield Both This Shields is the best in the game. It cannot reflect light like the Mirror Shield, but it can be used by young Link (he just straps it over his back).
Mirror Shield Adult The only shield that can deflect Magic and light.
Kokiri Tunic Both The starting clothing for Link.
Goron Tunic Adult With this, you can resist the heat of Death Mountain Crater and the Fire Temple.
Zora Tunic Adult With this, you won't choke while underwater.
Kokiri Boots Both The defult boots of the game. Have no special affect except for the best traction on dry land.
Iron Boots Adult Allows Link to sink underwater. Quite heavy though, and hard to walk with above water.
Hover Boots Adult Allows Link to hover above pits for a short period of time. Very little traction, just like walking on ice.
Seed Bag (30) Young First seed bag. Comes with Fairy Slingshot. Holds 30 seeds.
Seed Bag (40) Young 2nd seed bag. Holds 40 seeds.
Seed Bag (50) Young Last seed bag. Holds 50 seeds!
Bomb Bag (20) Both First bomb bag. Holds 20 Bombs.
Bomb Bag (30) Both 2nd bomb bag. Holds 30 Bombs.
Bomb Bag (40) Both 3rd bomb bag. Holds 40 Bombs!
Quiver (30) Adult First Quiver. Holds 30 Arrows.
Quiver (40) Adult 2nd Quiver. Holds 40 Arrows.
Quiver (50) Adult 3rd Quiver. Holds 50 Arrows!
Goron's Bracelet Young With this, Young Link can lift Bomb Flowers
Silver Gauntlet Adult With these, Link can lift heavy gray boulders and push on large blocks.
Gold Gauntlet Adult With these, Link can lift even heavier blocks and pillars up.
Silver Scale Both Allows Link to dive deeper than before.
Golden Scale Both Allows Link to dive even deeper than with the Silver Scale.