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Heart Piece Locations

Location Picture Specifics Young Link Adult Link
Death Mountain Crater In niche on wall. enough time (can't take the heat) Goron's Tunic or same as young Link.
  On top of left ash stack --- Bean Plant
Death Mountain Trail On top of ledge above Dogongo's Cavern. Jump from Bomb Flower area Magic Bean Plant
Desert Colossus On top of stone archway before Spirit Temple --- Bean Plant
Gerudo Valley North side of river in hidden niche behind waterfall Chicken Bean Plant
  On other side of River in Crate Chicken Longshot
Gerudo's Fortress In chest on top of fort --- Hookshot
  Score a 1000 on the horseback archery game --- Epona
Goron City Light torches on bottom after visiting Darunia. Then throw Bomb or Bomb Flower into pot. Goron's Bracelet or
Graveyard Find unmarked Grave, kill the ReDead, and play the Sun's Song in grave. Ocarina, Sun's Song Ocarina, Sun's song
  A prize in the Grave Digging tour. *** ---
  One top of ledge in crate --- Beanplant
  Race Dampe and finish the race under 1 minute --- Longshot
Hyrule Castle Town Prize in Bombchu Bowling. Bomb Bag ---
  Find the Pooch Lady's dog behind stand near Baazar at night. Nothing Special ---
  Win the Treasure Box game. Lens of Truth, Nighttime ---
Hyrule Field In corral near Lake Hylia, bomb where Stone of Agony reacts. Business Scrub sells for 10 Rupees. Bombs Bombs
  Bomb tree between Valley and castle to reveal hole. Deep in the pond. Bombs, Golden Scale Bombs or Hammer, Golden Scale or Iron Boots
Ice Cavern In Compass room behind red ice --- Blue Flame
Kakariko Village In the cow stall in one of the houses (the one near the chicken correl). Chicken or after G.F Hookshot
  On ledge in Windmill --- Finish Dampe race or jump the windmill
  Visit man on top of house. --- Hookshot.
  Collect 50 Gold Skulltulas and visit house of Skulltula 50 Gold Skulltulas 50 Gold Skulltulas
Lake Hylia At the Fishing Pond, catch a 10 pound fish. Go to the fish pond ---
  On top of Lakeside Laboritory --- Bean Plant or Scarecrow's Song & Hookshot
  Dive and touch the bottom of the tank in the Laboritory and the Doctor will give you it. --- Golden Scale
Lon Lon Ranch Move crates in storage shed. Crawl through hole ---
Lost Woods Follow along on Ocarina and win 3 times. Ocarina ---
  Play Saria's Song to the Lost Skull Kid Ocarina,
Saria's Song
Zora's Domain Light 4 torches and go behind waterfall. Deku Stick ---
Zora's Fountain On iceburg near edge of fountain --- ***
  At the bottom of the fountain --- Iron Boots
Zora's River On platform near middle of river. Chicken ***
  On ledge near entrance to Zora's Domain Chicken ---
  Play Song of Storms to the jumping frogs Song of Storms ---
  Win bug catching game after playing the 6 top songs to the frogs. 6 top songs.