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Song Title Musical Score What it does
Zelda's Lullaby Various things. Play at any Triforce Symbol
Epona's Song Use to summon Epona
Saria's Song Use to talk to Saria
Sun's Song Use to turn day into night, or night into day
Song of Time Use at Temple of Time or to make Blocks of Time appear/disappear
Song of Storms Use to make it rain or make the Windmill drain the water from the well
Minute of Forest Use to warp to the Sacred Forest Meadow
Bolero of Fire Use to warp to Death Mountain Crater
Serenade of Water Use to warp to Lake Hylia
Requiem of Spirit Use to warp to Desert Colossus
Nocturne of Shadow Use to warp to the Graveyard
Prelude of Light Use to warp to the Temple of Time