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Upgrade Type How to get
Deku Seed Bag Score a perfect 10 at the Shooting Gallary as a Kid
  Shoot 3 100's in a row at the 'Target' in the Lost Woods (same area as Jam Session)
Bomb Bag A Prize in Bombchu Bowling
  Stop the rolling Goron in Goron City with a Bomb as a Kid.
Quiver Score a perfect 10 at the Shooting Gallary as an Adult
  Score 1500 points or better at the Horseback Archery in Gerudo Valley
Deku Stick Show the Skull Mask at the Deku Stage in the Lost Woods*
  Defeat Business Scrub by bridge in Lost Woods.
Deku Nuts Defeat Business Scrub in hole under rock in Lost Woods (the room just before the sacred forest meadow)
  Show Mask of Truth to Deku Stage in Lost Woods. WARNING: ONLY VALID BEFORE YOU FIRST BECOME AN ADULT*

*The deku stage is found right after the room with the pool that warps to Zora River. In that room turn left. In the brush by the butterflies there is a hole. The deku stage is in that hole.

Thank you to Stonerocker and many others for giving me the deku nut upgrades.